Explore Your Dreams and Intuition: Toronto Sunday June 23rd


An Amazing Dream

Explore the magical mysterious, revealing world of dreams and intuition. In this workshop you will learn to understand the inspiration that dreams can bring, to  review the feelings, energy and consciousness within a dream, as well as activate the intuitive faculties of your imaginary world.

Discover the Amazing World of Dreams

Discover how to increase your recall, differentiate between dreams that have value and those that are the outpouring of a preoccupied mind. We will consider the different types of dreams that occur during sleep and the signs and symbols that may be really meaningful and practice dream partnering to unlock the secrets and deep wisdom within your dreams

Learn the Languages of Your Intuition

We will work with active imagination through meditation, poetry, music, drawing and cards to identify themes that may have particular value for you. This workshop will focus on an experiential exploration of ways you can access your inner voice, the different languages it uses and how these can guide your life.

Sunday June 23rd 9:30 am to 5:00 pm Urban Wellness, 489 College Street Suite 301, Toronto M6G1A5.
Cost $125.00

What Others Have Said

It’s wonderful to work with Trevor who is so knowledgeable and passionate about exploring dreams. I would recommend his sessions to anyone interested in learning more about themselves through understanding their dreams.” Vaune Kolber

“You are a great listener with strong insights.  You also have a subtle style that gave me “the guard rails to hold onto” while I found my own way.  You were well organized to keep us moving forward.  Your positive energy helped create a safe place.”  Barbara Beasley San Francisco CA.

“I found the sessions I was able to attend to be simply excellent.  I loved the opening meditations, your flow in bringing the content into application, and your style in honouring of individual input.   Thank you for showing us a craft that you have obviously invested time and energy in mastering.” Joyce Gwilliam

About Trevor Simpson: Trevor is a Spiritual Coach, author of the book Life’s Little Book for Big Decisions, and leads groups on Decision-making, Exploring Dreams and Training Your Intuition. For more see http://www.soulclarity.com/about.html

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