DecisionClarity and the Inner World.

June 1, 2009

Before embarking on a conscious journey of decision-making using the DecisionClarity process, I always start with a caveat. When you begin to access your inner landscape you have to be prepared to lose control of your agenda. I have observed that once we commit to the journey of exploration then the deeper self, soul or psyche will engage and things just start to happen. Occasionally you will find that, what you thought was your question, will shift. For example one workshop attendee started with the question “should she leave her job?” and ended by realizing the more critical issue was whether to stay in her relationship. Frequently the process starts a journey of discovery that causes a paradigm shift. Suddenly it is the inner world that has more meaning than the outer drama in which we may have been trapped. As one client observed “My experience was life changing. I knew that I was on the spiritual path before I came, but to experience the power of the universe so directly and concretely is to change how I see myself and the world.”  As James Hollis comments in his wonderful book Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life “The Self is in service to the soul; which is to say, the directive, purposeful energies that govern our lives are themselves in service to meaning, though a transcendent meaning that so often has little to do with our conscious understanding.” Sometimes the DecisonClarity model helps to connect Self and Soul in a way that opens the door to a new amazing exploration. As another client commented, “Sometimes it is all about the journey.”