The Evolution of the Cosmic 2 x 4

February 22, 2015

A tree branch falling out of a clear blue sky literally seconds after I lay down in the one shady spot on the beach and resulting in five stitches would certainly constitute a freak accident. Yet in my worldview such events normally contain an inherent meaning.
I first encountered the concept of the cosmic 2 x 4 from a Unity minister the Reverend Sally Taylor in another bizarre incident in this unfolding journey of the Soul that I have embraced. Those events are covered fully at Suffice it to say she suggests that this a device that “God” uses to get our intention.
After I got over my sense of shock, victimization and had spent an hour in the clinic getting patched up, I knew I had some exploration to do. At first I encountered a lot of resistance. I was traveling through Thailand, I didn’t need this aggravation. Like a snail recoiling from an obstruction I wanted to crawl back in my shell.
Yet as my friend Maryann succinctly reminded me, I had better follow the breadcrumbs because the sequence of events that could culminate from my resistance could get a lot worse. At first I got completely mired in the mind endlessly obsessing about what I needed to change in my life. It got me nowhere other than finding myself totally lost on the nearby beach when I could not find the exit to my hotel. I felt both physically and spiritually at sea.
I decided the starting point was to take a trip down memory lane. Normally the cosmic 2 x 4 does not arrive without any warning. Like the minor tremors that precede a major volcanic eruption, there are normally a series of preceding events that may have been ignored.
I decided to begin at the start of my trip almost three weeks ago. I remembered my first intimation that I had lost focus was opening my suitcase and realizing I had packed one thong and one sandal. Both had been in plastic bags from a previous trip and unfortunately I failed to check them before hurriedly throwing them into the suitcase.
It was annoying as I would not have my trusty Birkenstocks with me but I decided not to beat myself up and basically get on with a solution. I bought a pair of flip flops and then a cheap pair of sandals to give my feet a rest. A total of twelve dollars and I was set. It never entered my head that this should have been the beginning of an enquiry. Resistance can cause me to go into denial.
I had a great week in Bangkok and I now realize that the second incident in the series occurred the day I arrived in Siem Reap Cambodia. I slipped entering the hotel pool and damaged the arch of my foot sufficiently to break the skin. Ironically I congratulated myself on having good flip flops. The lack of support under the arch meant I could walk without pain. Once again my resistance prevented me from being curious.
I had a great time in Cambodia followed by a fairly horrendous trip to Phuket Island but once I was ensconced in my lovely hotel midway between Karon and Kata Beaches I continued my blissful existence of beach walks, visits to the temple, long lunches at the beach complete with a large Singh beer.
However during the week I had a third and fourth incident. First I developed a pain – in the sole of my right foot this time. It was right under the middle toe and was painful to walk. However I had just seen the movie Wild and I thought if Cheryl Strayer can walk though pain so can I. Then I twisted my left flipflop stepping around some tourists blocking my path and ripped out the front support. Now I could not walk. Frankly I panicked, desperately worked on it even using my teeth to pull the recalcitrant centre piece through the sole and then spent the rest of the next twenty- four hours in fear that I would die of some terrible disease.
As I recall these events I cannot believe how I could have so contentedly ignored so many warning signs. No wonder the Soul lost patience. As I have reflected on these events I realize that they are all connected to the underside of the feet. In my dreams footwear are always about understanding. I sense that there is some current understanding that needs to change in my life.
I feel a real sense of relief at having something to focus on. I have three days on beautiful Koh Lanta Island to relax, rest and reflect and I have found couple of dreams that require further exploration.
Of course it all begins with a commitment to honour the journey and seek the wisdom of Spirit to “Show Me The Way”

NB for those who wish to read about the external journey that got in the way of the inner one these are recorded at