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October 30, 2018

The dream suggested that shooting the hairdresser was a solution to the thorny problem of wanting a change.

Some times you wake up with a dream just beyond your grasp but a fragment remains. Frequently the fragment contains all your unconscious wants you to know. Recently a friend of mine shared a dream where her older brother shot her hair dresser and observed: “that’s the way to get rid of a hair dresser.” She was shocked then confided that she had recently changed hair dressers and it took her ten-years to pull it off. When I asked why it took so long she told me that she did not want to hurt her feelings. Those of you who watched Seinfeld may recall episode 72 – The Barber, where Jerry was pursued by his opera singing barber, who planned to kill him for being disloyal. My friend thought the dream was just a joke but as we explored the roles of the feminine and masculine in dreams realized the dream actually contained a profound message. Some times we must shift from the feminine (caring) to the masculine (doing) to get the task accomplished.

Dreams tap directly into our unconscious. Learning to work with dreams can prove to be a source of guidance, inspiration and insight. Dreams come in many sizes, shapes and configurations. Not all dreams are created equal. This workshop will help you discern the different types of dreams, identify the dreams that are most significant, explore why some people and symbols show up and provide tools and a process to explore their meaning. We can view dreams on different levels.Only the dreamer can truly know the meaning of their dreams and a dream unexplored is a letter not opened. (The Talmud)

Workshop Outline

• Learning to differentiate types of dreams and discern which are likely to be meaningful.

• How to facilitate remembering dreams and keeping track.

• To explore the principles of dream analysis and how to tend a dream.

• Exploration of the relationship between the imagination and dreams and how symbols are created in dreams

• Introduction to dream partnering

• Looking at the dream in the context of your life..

• An exploration of energy, feelings and consciousness in dreams.

• Learning to understand archetypes and their influence on dreams.Location and Timing

One Day Dream workshop next date to be advised. If you are interested in exploring your dreams, contact trevor@soulclarity.com if you have any interest. Maximum 8 People

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What Others Have Said

Thank you SO much for such an interesting, inspiring and fun evening! You are such a relaxed, organized and passionate teacher so WELL DONE! Janie Brown

“I found the sessions I was able to attend to be simply excellent. I loved the opening meditations, your flow in bringing the content into application, and your style in honouring of individual input. Thank you for showing us a craft that you have obviously invested time and energy in mastering.” Joyce Gwilliam

Trevor Simpson is a Spiritual Coach, author of Life’s Little Book for Big Decisions and has worked with dreams since 1998. He and Indrus Piche have been dream partners since 2002 and have developed a Dream Partnering process to support others interested in dream interpretation. (www.soulclarity.com)