Exploring the Mystical World of Dreams And Active Imagination Level 2

September 21, 2019

trevor's dream 2

This was a dream of amazing drama: fire, earth, water and air, a house, rainbows and water falls. How do you explore such a rich image that has been conjured up from your unconscious? My Level 2 dream workshop is designed for people who are already familiar with dreams and the inner world of exploration. It will help you explore deeply the worlds of dreams, symbols and active imagination.

Dreams tap directly into our unconscious. They often contain people and symbols from the past. Recently I had a dream featuring an old boss of mine from my first job in Canada 50 years ago. The immediate question was why did my unconscious select this person from a fifty-year old memory? I realized one tool at my disposal was to engage in “active imagination” with this person and ask them. This is but one of the ways we can enter our imagination on a journey of exploration.

This workshop will help you find ways to access your own guidance and deeper wisdom that can be accessed by tapping in to your unconscious.

 Workshop Outline

This workshop will help you go deeply into the world of dreams, active imagination, symbols, projection and the unconscious. The unconscious by definition is that of which we are consciously unaware yet there are ways we can discern what in our unconscious is trying to enter consciousness. Specific Contents:

1) Exploration and Working with Dreams as Guidance

2) Engaging in Active Imagination

3) Exploring Images and the Power of Projection

4) Understanding The Languages of Intuition

5) Using Poetry as a Pipeline into our Inner World

Fee by Donation (Däna *)

Details: Sunday March 15th Kitsilano, Vancouver 10:00 am to 4:30 pm (Max Eight People)

What Others Have Said

 “I found the sessions I was able to attend to be simply excellent.  I loved the opening meditations, your flow in bringing the content into application, and your style in honouring of individual input.   Thank you for showing us a craft that you have obviously invested time and energy in mastering.” Joyce Gwilliam

“Thank you SO much for such an interesting, inspiring and fun evening! You are such a relaxed, organized and passionate teacher so WELL DONE!”Janie Brown

Trevor Simpson is a Spiritual Coach, author of Life’s Little Book for Big Decisions and has worked with dreams since 1998. He and Indrus Piche have been dream partners since 2002 and have developed a Dream Partnering process to support others interested in dream interpretation. (www.soulclarity.com)

* This is from the Buddhist tradition of Däna– “Däna is a gift given from the heart. 
It brings joy and benefit to both the giver and the receiver.” (Still Water Working Group).