Let My Vehicle Appear

February 9, 2010

In December I reflected on the challenges about buying a replacement for my beloved VW van. (https://ta44.wordpress.com/2009/12/17/buying-a-car-the-hard-way/) I received a lot of interesting and helpful responses but no car. Probably the best advice came from my friend Joey who commented “buying an automobile, new or used, is a big deal! Rent something that gets you from A to B and Whistler until the perfect vehicle reveals itself to you. You may have a friend who has an extra vehicle who knows all cars need to be driven rather than sit…tell everyone you know what you’re looking for even if you don’t know exact details at moment.” The idea of just letting go appealed to me as Christmas was around the corner and I was spending three weeks away. After a week in Toronto I flew directly to Mexico where I spent a delicious two weeks in the sun. I didn’t really think much about a car but as the trip unfolded the realization that at some time I would have to address my avoidance.

Frankly, unlike most men I don’t like buying cars. First there is the decision about what to buy, which requires tedious research and testing; then there is the aggravation of deciding on new or used and identifying where you will buy it; finally there is the hassle of negotiating for the vehicle in question. I cannot stand that process where the salesman takes the offer to his manager who always says no and so on until you finalize a deal. I had already contacted a car broker but he had no interest in trying to find me a used Suburu because they are over-priced and difficult to locate. I suspected that my reluctance could stretch the process out for months.

However in Mexico I was reading an interesting little book called Meaningful Coincidence by Jan Cederquist and he tells a story about searching for an apartment in Stockholm after separating from his wife. He was feeling disconsolate, as there did not seem to be much available and if fact commissioned an agent to find one for a fee. Then the unlikely occurred. Out of the blue a friend called to say that he had a newly restored two-bedroom apartment and did Jan know of anyone who was looking for accommodation. His problem resolved itself through a perfect synchronicity. This set me to thinking about whether I could manifest the ideal vehicle in the same way. Perhaps if I set my intention to it the perfect vehicle would appear.

So I started to visualize each morning that my car would appear. I feel a little self-conscious about this process because it hardly fits the stereotypical idea of buying a car.  However for now I am in no rush because I have no desire to drive during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics; I can rent and may perhaps consider joining a cooperative. In fact I have already manifested the possibility of buying a Sebring Convertible for the summer from a friend who may be leaving the country. In the meantime I will keep my eyes and ears open and continue to affirm, “may my vehicle appear.”