What A Blessed Life

What A Blessed Life
What A Lucky Find
The Ending Of The Search
The Stopping Of My Mind
How Can I Express
The Changes Taking Place
The Only Words I Guess
Would Be Amazing Grace

lyrics by kirtana

I am sitting in my Karma chair, the fire is glowing brightly, I am warm and cozy on a grey miserable Vancouver Fall day and I am feeling immensely appreciative for the life I have been gifted. I just finished reading from James Hollis’s book The Middle Passage where he is talking about the challenge of work versus vocation and how many people struggle between the need to make money and the desire for fulfillment. I realized how blessed I have been during the past twenty years to be able to combine my work, my personal growth and my vocation. From 1973 to 1991 I worked full time in the advertising/marketing business and was fortunate enough to have jobs that although stressful were never boring, were financially rewarding and gave full rein to my skills as a marketer, communicator, strategic planner and manager. It was an amazing time full of deep lows compensated for by spectacular highs, sometimes in the same day. I still recall sitting in my boss’s office receiving accolades as he informed the President of McGavins that I had been promoted, only to have my warm glow interrupted by my secretary to take a call from our largest client informing me that all the work we had been doing for the past six months was rejected and they were going to hand the business to their Quebec agency if we could not solve the problem in four days. However despite the ups and downs, without really stretching myself I reached the pinnacle of my profession, far too unconscious to be troubled by any concerns around vocation or whether  my soul was fulfilled.

Then my mid life crisis at the age of 45 resulting in me dumping everything – wife, job, friends, in what some considered to be an insane love affair that took me round the world for a year on two first class tickets acquired from the myriad airline points I had accumulated. And from that time,  January 28th 1991, I never worked full time again. I started my own consulting practice; at times I worked very hard; I made very good money but maintained tremendous flexibility in my life until my last client stopped paying me at the end of 2008 when I was sufficiently financially secure to have little concerns about the future.

During that seventeen years I was able to sustain a lovely balance between my working life, a deep exploration of myself and a new awareness of the world of soul that led me to seek a vocation that perhaps would be more meaningful than advertising. My quest took me to the Unity School in Kansas, then a two-year program called The Art of Spiritual Guidance followed by part time studies at the Vancouver School of Theology where I was enrolled in a Masters program in Theology for three years. During this period I learned to combine my world of business with my inner world, realizing that life’s lessons could equally manifest in the business arena as in the therapy group. As Jonn Kabatt Zinn famously wrote, “wherever you go there you are.” This all contributed to the uncertain and unfinished journey of self that could not even have been imagined by the atheistic advertising executive in 1991.

It was in 1999 that my quest for a vocation took a giant leap when I became a volunteer at The Centre for Integrated Healing, (now Inspire Health) seeking something more meaningful in my life. My work as a marketing volunteer evolved into assuming responsibility for a presentation on decision-making. In turn this led to my passion for exploring the inner world and how critical decisions offered the incentive to go to a deeper level than the battleground of thoughts. feelings and fears, that got in the way of finding clarity. This insight unfolded into the glorious discovery of the inner world of intuition and eventually to the conviction that the events of my life have meaning if I can only learn to see it. The result has been a book and CD on decision-making (Life’s Little Book for Big Decisions), and eventually to my Spiritual Coaching practice and Intuitive Guidance workshops supporting and helping others to find their way. What A Blessed Life indeed.

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