Your Cosmic Mission Loyalty Card

kosmicKarma-cardMy client leafed through a book I had on my coffee table promoting LED light bulbs, made a sardonic comment about the cartoon style, then exclaimed, “At least he has a mission!”

It felt like familiar territory. During the time we have worked together there have been a number of times when he felt uncertain about the direction his life was taking and where he was going. He felt frustrated that he hadn’t had “the big idea” that would focus him and like a guiding star lead on to a life of fulfillment and meaning.

I understood his aspiration, but for most of us life does not unfold with a cosmic explosion. In my case it has always been a somewhat frustrating, but always fascinating meandering trail that takes me on a journey that rarely achieves my intended outcome. I have learned it is about trusting the Soul to show the way and that the journey is more important than the outcomes.

In our previous session we had explored what may be holding him back. I had suggested the journey begins with a single step of setting an intention so he suggested the words, “I am ready to leap, show me the way” then made a commitment to incorporate this intention in a daily practice.

I asked him how this practice had been going and he looked distinctively sheepish. “Well I’m not exactly doing it every day,” he admitted reluctantly, “I get busy… stuff happens.”

I likened his behavior to having an intention to take a train but not actually getting round to buying the ticket.

“You make it clear that you want to find your mission yet you seem reluctant to pay the price of admission,” I explored, “Is there something holding you back?” He paused and reflected, “I can’t be sure, but I do want to try again.”

My client likes to describe his Soul Journey as the Cosmic Road Trip so we adapted the metaphor. In that moment the Cosmic Mission card was born.

“It’s like a coffee card”, I explained, “Each day you complete the practice you get a stamp. After five stamps you get a cookie and after ten, well that’s a mystery. As the old Hindu proverb says, when you take one step toward God, God comes running toward you.”

My experience is that as long as you pay attention, something will happen. However, the guidance of the Self does not always coincide with the desired of the ego.

As Mick Jagger famously puts it, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes…you get what you need.”

Give yourself a stamp, Mick.


One Response to Your Cosmic Mission Loyalty Card

  1. Maryann De Simone says:

    I want one of those, Trevor!

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