Cathartic Journaling

January 30, 2014

“The habit of writing for my eye is good practice. It loosens the ligaments.”   Virginia Woolf

Recently I wrote a rant that described my frustrations with a Spiritual Community that I “try” at times to organize. It’s a little like herding cats and at times some of the bizarre lunatic responses I get send me into a state of frustrated depression. To my delight I found the pure process of writing about it a joy and an amazing way of releasing the inner tensions and anxiety that had built up during the previous ten weeks.

Those of you who read the reflection Holding The Centre (while all about you are losing theirs may recall some of the challenges I faced around organizing a convention of my spiritual community. Well these frustrations continued post conference as I attempted to create a couple of data bases. As the drama unfolded I found it very cathartic to write about it and began to see the amusing side of the whole affair. Any angst I was feeling began to dissipate.

Finally I wrote to the community sharing my observations. To my surprise and delight I got many positive responses including “OMG this is hilarious” and “please add me to your list of people who absolutely loved, admired and desire to someday execute as eloquently as you did: your “rant.”

It is important to remember that you are writing to air your frustrations as an exercise in catharsis. Rarely will you ever share this with the object of your angst and NEVER before twenty-four hours has elapsed.

So next time you are sitting fuming, flustered and frustrated, take out a pen and some paper and begin to write. It may not change your world but can change your view of it.

The Full Rant

My dear friends, Whoever would have thought the New Year would start with so much fun! Obviously my weak attempt to impose a boundary (DO NOT ADVISE ME) became like a red flag to a bull. Some people obviously had missed the fact that their names were not on previous e-mails and now rushed to let me know they were not on this one. It struck me as kind of weird that there had been four other e-mails sent previously without their names but finally this one got their attention. One person had obviously been judiciously waiting until my patience was exhausted before asking me to add their name and telling me I had closed the list off one day too soon. Well I do apologize for that error; I have only been adding names to this list for the past ten weeks! I am sure no-one except me is counting but this is the NINTH communication since we met in Petaluma. The list is now up to 65 respondents.

As far as the Assisi list goes I am pulling my hair out trying to help people understand there are two separate lists. The addresses below have nothing to do with Assisi, they are people who have asked to be part of the community that attended Petaluma. Those of you who have advised me that you could not find your name on the Assisi list are basically delusional. I HAVE NEVER PUBLISHED A LIST OF PEOPLE SIGNED UP FOR ASSISI. So it is not a surprise you could not find your name. I am also still getting requests to add people to the Assisi list. I DO NOT DO THAT. The list is self subscribed at . Many of you have found out that if you try and register more than once you get a message saying you are already subscribed. Believe it or not this means YOU ARE ON THE LIST. It does not mean to e-mail me to ask if you are on the list because from now on I am not going to respond. 62 of you have successfully added your names.