“It is Hard to Keep Your Zen When All Around You Are Losing Theirs”

A client of mine recently expressed this sentiment to me at the start of a session. He was finding it challenging to keep his center when others were feeling upset or frustrated. It reminded me of a presentation I gave recently at a conference that I had organized. Anyone who has tried to manage 94 people who are part of a spiritual community will know it is a little like herding cats. At times it is hard to remain balanced during the continual flow of what I have come to refer as “dirty laundry”. I facilitated a morning workshop titled, Holding the Center: Exploring the Inner World of Soul and How It Helps Us Stay In Balance. I have decided to offer this workshop in Vancouver on March 16th.

This session will explore what causes us to be pulled off center and the role of our complexes to cause a reaction based on history rather than the present moment. A complex according to renowned Jungian analyst James Hollis is a charged cluster of history. It will help us understand why some become aggressive while others run for cover. We will assess how our personality traits influence our reactions and why some people struggle to have boundaries.

We will also attempt to find the gap between stimulus and response and how working with the breath can help us stay fully present to the situation. We will review the power of Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements and how following them can support us in staying in balance. (Don’t take it personally, Be impeccable to your word, Do Your Best and Don’t make Assumptions)

Then we will find ways to achieve temporary respite from the challenges we are encountering though practices including: poetry, symbols, oracles, meditation and music as well as the role of dreams to support us in sustaining our center when “all about us are losing theirs.”

Date: Sunday March 16th 9:30 am to 1:00 pm

Fee $100.00

Location: 1938 West 6th Ave, Vancouver, Bc V6J1R7

Contact: trevor@soulclarity.com



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