The Archetype of the Liberator

November 13, 2012

On the weekend I attended the fifth in the program The Archetypes of Spiritual Guidance led by Atum O’Kane. Personally this weekend was not as powerful as the previous two but felt very affirming. I realized what an amazingly liberated life I lead. Of course it took sixty-seven years to feel that way. It seems to me that liberation consists of both intention and attitude. I realize that the reason that my life feels so liberated that I set an intention to live a balanced life between body, mind, emotion, soul and spirit. I pay attention to whether my life is encompassing these. I do my best to incorporate two periods of meditation and reflection each day; I check on whether I am stretching my mental capacity; whether I have engaged my emotions and how I have fed my soul. I feed my soul through music, poetry, play, occasional dance, a daily walk in the beauty that surrounds me and I believe also through the spiritual coaching I do. Of course many of the activities cross-pollinate – walking also feeds the body, learning poetry exercises my metal acuity.

We did some interesting exercises looking at our attachments. For example what are the three things you would instinctively take with you in an evacuation, the five additional things you would select after reflection, and the two things you would want to turn over to someone else. Frequently the recognition of our need to free ourselves from something will come form a time of disillusion. Atum talked about changing the illusion by changing the perspective, “shatter your ideal on the rock of truth”. We looked at five experiences of disillusion in our lives and how you made your way thought it. I observed that these events often created an opportunity for fear to so shift to love, judgment to compassion, disillusion to joy and ennui to vitality. Because of my commitment to find meaning in every experience and having the faith to believe that each event will pass and we can either learn from it or do it again.

Poetry has become one of my great teachers. We talked about having a clear intention of liberation each day. My reminder comes from that beautiful mantra by Thic Nhat Hanh: “I wake up each morning and I smile, twenty-four brand new hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment and look at all beings with eyes of compassion.” In addition a second poem by the amazing Tagore came to mind. “Open the door, liberate the blue sky, let the inquisitive flower scents enter my room. Let the light of the early sun flood my body from vein to vein. I am alive. The word of greeting that throbs in every leaf and twig. Let me hear it this day spring dawn. Let it flood my heart and like like a scarf does a field, green with the shoots of new grass. The love I have known in my life utters its silent language in the sky, in the air, everywhere. I am bathed in the light of its pure enthronement. All that’s real I see as a necklace of jewels on a breast of blue.”

It seemed a beautiful way to hold an intention of liberation.

Atum focused on doorways to liberation. These include love, glorification, inspiration, insight (into patterns that control us), laughter, detachment, transcendence, imagination, wisdom, creativity, individuation, commitment, grace, faith and trust, gratitude, forgiveness, truth, courage, change of perspective and consciousness, surrender and acceptance, redeeming the shadow, freedom of equanimity and peace, freedom of mystical depth and absorption/union with the Divine, living in the present moment, illumination and I added joy and intuition. Each of us need to explore the doorways that most resonate for us. We did an intuitive practice around selecting four of the doorways, placing them in a cross then drawing a mandala that I could use in my Train Your Intuition groups.

Upon reflection I think the path of liberation is a natural extension of the journey to wisdom. Many of the doorways are a natural outcome of pursuing the archetype of the wise one.