From DecisionClarity to SoulClarity

I was feeling stuck. I wanted to write a newsletter but I felt blocked and bereft of ideas. Overcoming my frustration, I followed my inclination to do nothing. Some days later, feeling somewhat guilty because I still had no desire to write, I began to reflect on the meaning of feeling blocked. It felt a bit like a road-closed sign in front of me. Did some thing need to change, then an idea flashed across my mind, it was is it time to change the name to SoulClarity. I worried a bit about this idea – the word Soul seems a riskier proposition than a nice safe word like decision. Everyone relates to making decisions but not everyone relates to the idea of Soul. I resorted to a traditional ritual when faced with indecision, I drew a rune. The result was Fertility, “A rune of great power, receiving it means you now have the strength to achieve completion, resolution from which comes a new beginning”, it was time to move on.

I developed the DecisionClarity model for the Centre for Integrated Healing back in 2000 to help cancer patients feel empowered to make their own decisions. It led to my book, Life’s Little Book for Big Decisions, a number of speaking engagements, workshops and a counseling practice to support clients with decision-making. Over the past few years things changed. I shifted my personal focus to Spiritual Coaching and created the SoulClarity web site as a companion; DecisionClarity became an aspect of Spiritual Coaching. I observed that frequently major decisions were a catalyst for personal growth and not necessarily about finding an answer. It became more about the journey than the outcomes; using the DecisionClarity intuitive model frequently introduced people to the world of soul and finding meaning in their experience. During this period, opportunities to present on decision-making declined, and my workshops changed their focus to exploring dreams and intuition. Recently as you may recall my role at Inspire Health finished after eleven years; it seems like the appropriate time to make a transition.  Welcome to SoulClarity.

Before you press the unsubscribe button, let me introduce you to the world of SoulClarity. First perhaps a few words on the concept of soul. Soul is a translation of the Greek word Psyche. Wikipedia refers to psyche as the totality of the human mind, conscious, and unconscious. In the context of SoulClarity, it represents the belief that we are more than the sum of our body, emotions and thoughts. Renowned psychologist and spiritual teacher Jean Houston once wrote, “you are more than think you are and something in you knows it.” Some prefer the term ‘Higher Self” but no matter what language you prefer, Soul, Psyche and Higher Self are different expressions for the belief that we are connected to a greater whole or a Divine source that is available to support and guide.

The newsletter will appeal to those interested in the journey of the soul and who seek meaning in the everyday experiences of their lives. It will share stories about intuition, dreams, synchronicities, and other things that add meaning to life in addition to decision-making. I hope to share perspectives of the soul through the eyes of my favourite poets and authors and I will welcome contributions. My inspiration will be the words of the wonderful Sufi poet Hafiz who once wrote, “ What is this joy and laughter budding in our hearts, it is the glorious sound of a soul waking up.” (Daniel Ladinsky)

Those on Facebook may be interested in liking my SoulClarity page for a regular diet of soulful perspectives.


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