To Sell or Keep, that is the Question

Sunset at Smelt Bay Cortes

For the last few months I have received nothing but bad news about my property on Cortes. It started in September with a rare November rental being cancelled. This proved to be just as well as at the end of September a rare summer storm resulted in a tree branch cutting my power and damaging the service into the house so Hydro would not reconnect it. Events then seemed to take on a life of their own. It was akin to a row of dominos falling – no power, new service, new electrical panel, take down the offending trees, limb and buck them, massive clear up, then of course the utility room needs wallboard and painting. As the drama comes to a close I am facing a bill of over $6,000 then a Hydro bill of $1,000 followed by the need to spend $1,600 on a water treatment plant. I wondered what the universe was trying to tell me. Was it a sign to sell my property? It seemed time to employ my trusty DecisionClarity model.

I began by looking at the rational, emotional and fears. From a rational perspective my winter experience seems like a very negative omen; the place is not paying for itself; I only use it four or five times a year; the roof is going to need doing; I have very few rental bookings this year. On the other hand it contributes to my friendship with my buddy Philip who manages it for me and I visit every time I go there; I have no need to sell it; I love the energy of Cortes when I am there. Underlying my confusion is the question on whether the universe is guiding me to sell. If yes then I need to let it go, perhaps its new owner is already waiting for it somewhere. I know that getting in touch with my inner wisdom will ensure that I make the right call. I sit for a moment then gaze out of the window onto a gloomy, grey Vancouver day – there on the hydro wire sitting in the rain is a crow. It seems a perfect symbol for patience in the face of adversity. I sense that I will see clearly if I delay any decision until my visit in a weeks time.

Sometimes it takes a trinity of serendipities to create a wonderful experience. My recent trip to Cortes Island started with my friend Angela from Toronto wishing to visit; this combined with my own desire to see my property after the ravages of winter then coincided with Vancouver’s first spell of glorious early summer weather. I thought I needed to make a decision on whether to sell or stay. Yet here I was sitting on my deck in the fading evening sun appreciating the exquisite peace of this pristine spot and feeling any angst fade with the setting sun. Showing off the wonders of Cortes Island helped to reactivate my own love of the area. In addition the energy and hard work of my dear friend Philip, and the diligence of my cleaner José resulting in Potlatch Haven looking so sweet and desirable that I fell in love all over again. All the problems dissipate; it is not about selling, it is about patience and trust. The details are for another day. (For more on my trip to Cortes see


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