The Loonie Decides

“Executive Decision-making Tool”

After one of my DecisionClarity presentations someone mailed me a card with a picture of a penny on the front and the words “Executive Decision-making Tool” It made me smile but reminded me that a coin can be as valid a way of tapping into our inner wisdom as any other external agent such as a rune, tarot card or the I Ching. It requires conscious intention, a query and the ability to suspend the belief that you have become crazy. Recently I put the coin toss to a true test. For months I have been lusting after an iPhone; I have been evaluating my decision by exploring the rational reasons, my feelings and my fears. It is clearly an unnecessary, emotional desire for a bright shiny object that will cost me a whole lot of extra money yet I still wanted one. Inconveniently my pathetic flip top phone from another era, that costs me less than a $100 a year, refuses to die so there is little from a rational point of view to support this decision. I set out on a walk around the beautiful Kitsilano seawall and decided it was time to put this to bed once and for all and the final arbiter would be a flip of a coin – heads I buy one and tails I don’t.

I had just been given a shiny new 2012 loonie in my change and it seemed the perfect choice. I flipped in high in the air, failed to catch it so it landed on the ground tails up. I decided that one did not count so I flipped it again. This time it was a thoroughly disappointing slow roll that when I caught it still showed the annoying image of the loon so I decided that it definitely didn’t feel right. Time for one more flip. This time the coin arced up dramatically in a tight spin, landed safely in my right hand and was deposited on the back of my left hand. This time it felt right, surely I could trust it this time. I gazed disbelievingly at the loon who gazed back accusingly as though saying, “so what’s your excuse this time?”

Although I understand the law of probability indicates that the chance of a head or tail is the same for every roll, I have never totally believed it. Surely the chances of a head on the third roll must increase? Then I laughed at my own temptation to manipulate destiny and surrendered my attachment to the iPhone. It was not to be. I felt a little chagrined, tinged with sadness but decided I would just have to make do. I already owned an iPad, a G5, an iPod touch and a PowerBook; perhaps this was a small way I could help to save the planet.

The following day I was checking up on other possible phone choices, they all looked so inadequate compare with an iPhone so I decided to make do until my flip top gives up the ghost. That evening I got an e-mail from my friend Angela who had just visited from Ontario and had purchased a brand new iPhone 4GS. I sat in amazement as I read her message,” SO…I have a question for you…I know you pulled a rune the other day about your iPhone want. Now I know it’s not a NEW iPhone 4, but if I get my I phone 3G switched up…would you like it? It’s a new older phone that has all the great app and internet/photo options of the new one…and you wouldn’t have to pay for it. I was thinking that I would gift it to someone and no better than someone who has the iPhone love…. 🙂

I get an iPhone for free! It’s as though my deeper wisdom through the loonie knew that this was going to happen. Of course I could not buy an iPhone, I was getting one for free. The Divine has a great sense of humour.


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