The Daily Intention – Another Soulful Gift From My Clients

My practice as a spiritual coach is founded on the principle that each client has the power of discerning their own best course of action, my role is to reflect back their experience and perhaps offer a context that may help to facilitate their journey to soul connection and insight. Recently one of my clients was challenged by the morning monkey mind that greeted him as consistently as the dawn. “My mind becomes an endless, frustrating and at times discouraging to do list.” His solution was blindingly simple and a wonderful insight. Each day he replaces his to do list with a single word or phrase of intention. For example one day it may be “today I am a machine.” He then focuses his attention on that phrase and bypasses the list. The magic occurs as he grinds through the list like a machine without ever thinking about it. Yet another wonderful example of the power of intention and attention at play together.

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