The Beauty I See….

It was cloudy, grey, a little threatening but there was no rain as I embarked on my daily walk beginning with a circuit of Granville Island. It began to spit and as I was not dressed for rain briefly contemplated a shortcut home but forged on to continue the walk around beautiful Vanier Park to Kitsilano Beach. As I entered the park the spit developed a more continuous tone and the wind began to blow directly into my face however there was something bracing about the sense of battling into these elemental forces. I began to fully appreciate the stunning array of beauty that surrounded me; it assumed an unusually dramatic impact because I would not normally be witnessing it in this weather – the mist shrouded mountains, the dense green envelope of Stanley Park, the almost mystical expanse of grey ocean that represented English Bay.

I began to reflect on a lovely meditation from the Navajo tradition titled the Blessing Way. I walk with beauty before me. I walk with beauty behind me. I walk with beauty above me. I walk with beauty below me. I walk with beauty all around me. Slowly turn and see the beauty. I began to fully embrace the wonder of my surroundings and the increased drama accompanying the wind and rain. I noticed a refrain begin to haunt my mind, “I am the beauty I see”, then as I rounded the point to Kitsilano Beach the full fury of the wind and rain lashed me, soaking into my inadequate clothing and I found myself exploding with sheer joy of the moment. Gusts of laughter overwhelmed me together with the powerful sense of being fully alive. The poem in my head added verses and even a tune something that has long gone but the words remain. They are my dedication to the beauty of fall in the North West.

I am the beauty I see,
It’s in every leaf and tree,
The ocean and rain they agree,
I am the beauty I see

I see the beauty in you
It helps you when you feel blue
In your heart you know it is true
I see the beauty in you

I see the beauty in all
Let’s pull down the dividing wall
Please listen to my call
You will see the beauty in all


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