A Conspiracy of Serendipity

June 3, 2011

One of the challenges about my commitment to be guided by synchronicity and serendipity is when it conflicts with the ego’s carefully orchestrated plan. In April I had a trip planned to a gathering of my Spiritual Community in Los Gatos just outside of San Jose. This seemed like a wonderful opportunity for a road trip. I wanted to visit a dear friend who lived in Santa Barbara then drive to Sedona, one of my favourite places where I would camp, hang out in the red rock desert, check out the sacred energy vortexes and allow my muse to inspire me. I would finish the trip with a drive through the high desert and visit my lovely friend Alicia in Mammoth Lakes before heading home.

April in Vancouver was wet, cold and very unspring like and as my departure approached, I became more and more enthusiastic about the opportunity to spend a few days in the desert. Then strange things began to happen. First my friend in Santa Barbara decided to attend the spiritual gathering so one leg of the trip was eliminated. Next I began the process of planning my drive; I started with MapQuest and to my considerable irritation it would not allow me to plot a route past Los Gatos; I could see the route clearly but the software would not permit me to add it on. Muttering under my breath that I had never liked Mapquest as much as Google, I switched sites and with just a little difficulty plotted out my twelve-day excursion. Feeling pleased with myself, I pressed send, to e-mail the details, and the browser promptly crashed. I stared in disbelief at the screen, what on earth was going on? Then a bizarre thought entered my mind, was this a sign that I should change my plans?

Feeling great resistance to the idea, I sat and tried to cancel the thought but recalling my morning affirmation “to live a soul directed life guided by synchronicity and serendipity” I realized I could not just push ahead regardless. My primary resource when faced with this type of confusion is to draw a Rune. Occasionally when I am feeling pissed at not getting my own way I will draw two, on this occasion I drew three, each one advising me to change my plans. Reluctantly, feeling a little like a recalcitrant schoolboy who has had his escape thwarted, I return to my computer and check out flights for a shorter trip. Everything goes smoothly; the best way to San Jose is to drive to Seattle and this allows me the opportunity to have dinner with my friend Maryann who had already asked if I would have time to stop for a visit. My change of plans made this viable and I sensed support for my new itinerary. I even squeezed in a couple of days in San Francisco enjoying some quality time with another friend I would have missed, then I had a magical day on my own, walking for seven hours through the city and along the bay, discovering the delightful Lincoln Park and a spectacular path with the intriguing name of Lands End Trail.

Upon my return to Vancouver, I was wondering whether I would ever get a glimpse of why serendipity encouraged me to change my plans. Had I avoided some unpredictable event by not driving, or was there some reason I should be in Vancouver at this time rather than on the road? As a result of my early return, I rescheduled my men’s group at Inspire Health to the Thursday originally planned. I felt good about restoring the schedule because it equalized the time between meetings and avoided confusion for people who are used to the routine of last Thursday of the month. After leaving the group at around 4.30, I had some chores to perform so I packed up my materials in my pack and set off. Upon my arrival home, I was horrified to find that I had lost my folder of poems and my book of Blessings by Julia Cameron. I could clearly recall putting them in the pack and realized they must have slid out somewhere when the pack was open. I felt upset as the poems in particular were a collection I had made of my favourites over the years but I had no idea where to look. Finally I let go of my angst with the realization that I could compile a new collection, perhaps it was a sign for change.

The next day I went for my afternoon Americano and as the weather was surprisingly pleasant, I decided to take a stroll along the seawall. My route took me in the direction of Inspire Health and for some reason I found myself considering dropping by, just to eliminate the very remote possibility that I had left the poems there. I checked at the reception and no one had seen them. Unsurprised I took one last peek into the room where we had met and to my complete astonishment they were there. I was both stunned and jubilant, but there was another surprise yet to come. On my way out I encountered someone I had not anticipated meeting, it was a member of one of my dream groups. It was as though he expected to meet me, “I need to talk to you, do you have any time?” We agreed upon coffee the next day and as a result spent a valuable hour together that eventually led to him committing to work with me as his spiritual coach.

Upon reflection, I can see a mystical hand that seemed to coordinate the events of my life for that particular moment. If I hadn’t change my trip, if I hadn’t rescheduled my men’s group, if my poems had not somehow remained in that room, we could never have met up. Once we step outside the paradigm of logic that so confines us then miracles indeed can happen, life becomes a magical mystery tour and as my talented niece Amy Newton once recorded in a beautiful song:

“It all made sense for a moment.

It all became clear for a while

The answer was in a glint of an eye and the uncontrollable smile

It made sense for a while

Amy Newton http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/amynewton