Following the Flow

April 1, 2011

“Synchronicity, coincidence, reinforcement and serendipity – these are friendly companions that speak to me of higher realms.” Julia Cameron

Last night at my dream group we were talking about those moments when we are in such a state of flow that everything unfolds exquisitely. I had such an experience yesterday. My sister, her husband, daughter and boyfriend had been in Vancouver and Whistler and I had to say farewell the day before they left as I had a commitment at Inspire Health, while their plan was to drive down from Whistler to catch their flight. I could not contact them as they had no phone and there seemed no way I could meet up before they flew back to England. I felt a little sad about this but little did I know what serendipity had in mind.

The Thursday of their departure was a lovely Spring day and I took advantage by going for a delightful bike ride up to the UBC campus. I immersed myself in the experience – stunning cherry blossoms, the budding star magnolias and glorious scenery – and had a thought. Although it seemed wildly optimistic the idea that popped into my head was that perhaps I could bump into them on Granville Island. My sister loves Granville Island and I knew she hoped to make one last stop before boarding her ten-hour flight. For those who are not familiar with this Vancouver landmark, the web site describes it better than I can: “Imagine an island in the middle of a city. Now picture a place moulded by a fascinating history, buzzing with a colourful artistic community. A living, breathing urban oasis filled with fine waterfront restaurants, theatres, galleries, studios, unique shops, cafes and the most spectacular fresh food market you’ve ever seen. Add a vibrant and diverse mix of people and activities, and you have a destination so dynamic, no visit to the city is complete without spending at least a day here. Just think of Granville Island as Vancouver’s Town Square.”

The catch of course was that I had no idea when or where they would be. I got home and showered and then decided to go for a coffee and follow the little voice inside wherever it led. By the time I left the house I had only 45 minutes before my meeting at 2.00 pm so whatever happened it would be tight. I walked to my regular coffee house which was en-route but found a huge line-up. I felt sure that the delay would put an end to any chance to explore so I reluctantly let go of the idea and kept walking. Time seemed to tick relentlessly away and I resolved to make a final decision when I reached the entrance to the island  and if time permitted I would walk around.  Then I recalled a coffee shop near the entrance, perhaps I would have time for my cup of java after all. By the time I got to Pedro’s as the coffee shop is named, I realized I was out of time; I had five minutes to grab an Americano and leave. At 1.40 pm my coffee was made; suddenly I made a decision to walk out the other entrance that backed onto Kids Zone, a place my sister had mentioned. As I opened the door I began to laugh, joined quickly by my surprised sister who was sitting facing me. The family had just arrived; they were late because they had decided to take the alternative bridge into Vancouver to avoid traffic; upon arrival they had been desperate for a coffee so here they were. This amazing dance of serendipity and synchronicity created a magical end to their trip and made my day. The universe sure is one amazing place.