DecisionClarity in 24 Hours

February 19, 2011

When I developed the DecisionClarity model, it was based on a seven day process that I felt was necessary for major life decisions such as changing jobs, moving, cancer treatment etc. However I have realized the same model can be applied very effectively over a twenty-four hour period for less critical decisions. It works with the same four simple steps: Defining the question, Going within for guidance, Release and let go and Checking for the answer. It is designed to bring you into an inner context where your deeper wisdom is revealed in 24 hours.

When you arise in the morning you focus on identifying the questions and exploring the positive and negatives making sure you assess the logical issues, your feelings and also any fears. It is really important to ensure any fear is brought to the surface as unowned fear tends to breed like a pair of mice. Then you set the intention of seeking assistance from your deeper self.

Next commit to some practices to activate your intuitive capability during the day.  I suggest you identify three: something connected with silence or meditation, another related to a personal passion (music, yoga or exercise for example) and a third of your choice – bodywork, journaling or an oracle of some kind. Then pay attention and keep an eye out for clues and synchronicities that occur. Remember the key to the practice is to get beyond the thoughts and feelings that obstruct our inner wisdom.

Sometime before you go to bed sit in a quiet space and review your day noting anything that may be relevant in a journal. Follow this with a quiet contemplation where you formally surrender the decision to your higher-self, then off to bed to sleep on it.  (No more thinking)

The final step is completed the next morning when you sit in meditation, calming the body and mind with the breath, take a deep breath and bring your question into your mind, take five more deep breaths and then see where you are and capture your reflections in your journal; observe how peaceful you feel about your decision as this can be a powerful affirmation. For more detailed information see