The Event That Rocked My World Part Four

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Theillard de Jardin

Over the next few weeks the nocturnal visits began to diminish and finally stopped all together; I felt a combined sense of relief and disappointment although on a positive note, my friend’s wariness of my agenda began to shift and she became more open and willing to talk with me. She confided that after our telephone conversation, she had sought the advice of a Medicine Man. He had given her a crystal to prevent her spirit from wandering; something had definitely shifted and it felt like we had completed this shared journey. But the question still remained; what was this all about? It had opened my mind to possibilities that I had never imagined yet I still had no idea what it meant and why it had happened to me.

It was a short while later that I was walking with my ex-wife when she pointed to an image in Common Ground, a new age monthly magazine that featured an advertisement from psychotherapist she had interviewed for a paper at school. As I glanced at the face she indicated, I knew I had to see this person and ask her about my story. I am not sure why I felt so convinced that she was the person I should see, I just did. And it was not long before I found myself nervously sitting in her North Vancouver office wondering if it was all a big mistake. She was warm, attractive, easy to talk to and for twenty minutes I spilled the details of my strange adventure. As I concluded I somewhat plaintively asked “Does this make any sense to you at all?”

Her response was one of those pivotal moments in my life; it shifted my worldview for ever; “Of course it does,” she said “but you’ve got it back to front, you are not a human being having a strange spiritual experience, you are a spiritual being living a human one.” Suddenly it all made sense, I felt like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. As the session continued she placed a context around my experience that helped me make sense of it. She talked about each of us being connected to a greater whole – Spirit or whatever words we wish to ascribe to it. She hypothesized that perhaps at some other level of consciousness, my friend and I have a deep soul connection that for some reason has bled through to the human plane of existence.

It all made sense but more importantly created a huge desire to explore this new potentiality. Something was catalyzed in me a little like yeast being added to dough; my curiosity expanded dramatically. She recommended a number of books that I devoured; this new spiritual reality convinced me beyond any doubt that my life must have meaning and my task while in this body was to pursue it. I felt a little like a knight of the round table seeking the Holy Grail. Much may have changed, my concepts of the divine have shifted, I had to learn some humility and that we don’t find answers to all of the mystery no matter how hard we try, but I have not lost sight of this quest during the ensuing fifteen years. (See )

Postscript: I lost touch with my psychic friend after she left the advertising community but I received a lovely card including these words, “Anyway I wanted to let you know that you’ve touched my heart. It’s a strange connection that we share but I have stopped questioning it, instead I am thankful for knowing you and for the things I’ve learned from this process. You have taught me more than you’ll know. I wish you love and light on this earth walk.”


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