One-Day Intuitive Guidance Workshop



Finding Your Inner Voice

Do you want to experience ways to activate your intuition and to access your inner wisdom?

Learn the languages of  your intuition Each of us are intuitive, we have just forgotten how to recognize the voice of our deeper self. This workshop will focus on an experiential exploration of ways you can access your inner voice and the different languages that it uses. It will also introduce you to the DecisonClarity model, a four step model to go within for guidance and access your inner wisdom.

The Intuitive Guidance Kit
This workshop is specifically designed to focus on an exploration of your personal intuitive guidance kit. You will have a chance to experience a range of possible options from silence, visualization, oracles and divination tools, synchronicities, your passions and more. Specifically:

1) Take a guided journey through your imagination to encounter your inner guide.

2) Learn how to work with your dreams.

3) Experience the wisdom that comes from your active imagination.

4) Witness your intuition manifest itself through rune stones, medicine cards, tarot and others.

5) Explore how to connect to your imaginal world through drawing and your passions.

I sense there is one thing that everyone shares; that is the wonderful intention to be more “soulful”. “intuitive” and “connected to their deeper wisdom”. The great opportunity is to commit to some regular practice to support this: be it yoga, swimming, dance, meditation, journaling, dreamwork or a combination of all of them. Each of us had to find that which enlivens our soul.

Sunday  9.30 am to 5.30 pm  March 20th 2011

Workshop Fee $120 (Includes lunch and Life’s Little Book for Big Decisions the CD)

What Others Have Said
“Thank you for the 24-hour power decision-making workshop – Wow! What an amazing experience! I so enjoyed the process and the insights it gave me. I feel a deeper connection and clarity about not just the question but about life itself.” Angela Warburton Dr of TCM.

“Thank you for such an incredible day.  I really was honored by your insight and sharing.” Vicky Christou

I found the day to be very inspiring!  I am so glad that I was able to experience such an amazing day. I truly enjoyed the workshop.  Everything you said made so much sense, and I like how you have organized the day, and the information you shared with us.  I feel like I gained so much from being there. Tara Abernethy

Contact Trevor Simpson
604 739 6977,


One Response to One-Day Intuitive Guidance Workshop

  1. Laurent says:

    We wrote a book about intuition titled: Meher Baba’s Gift of Intuition (London: Companion Books, 2006) here:

    Perhaps we can share more together, you and I?

    Love and peace,


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