Dream Evening One

I am so pleased that you are interested in my dream evenings. It is my intention to offer a series of four evenings to explore dreams and active imagination. The concept of dream work emanated with Sigmund Freud and was refined by Carl Jung. We all dream six or seven times a night but frequently dreams never make it into conscious awareness. Not all dreams have the same value and we will learn to differentiate types of dreams.

The first evening will focus on:

1) Learning to differentiate types of dreams and discern which are likely to be meaningful.

2) How to facilitate remembering dreams and keeping track.

3) To explore the principles of dream analysis and how to tend a dream.

4) To do some preliminary exploration of the relationship between the imagination and dreams and how symbols are created in dreams.

Cost $20.00

Date and Time: Wednesday January 26th 7.30 to 9.30 pm and February 2nd same time.

Please register before attending with trevor@soulclarity.com

Location: 1938 West 6th Ave, Vancouver

One block and a half blocks west of Burrard, between Cyprus and Maple.

Items to bring: a pen and a journal


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