Deep Reflections for The New Year – postscript

Yesterday I had a dream that seemed very relevant to my reflections at the beginning of the year. ( I am with my spiritual community. My teacher Atum is around but not visible. I am not sure if I am

My Teacher Atum in Assisi

leading the group or one of the stragglers. I see  some of the group ahead; they are running into what appears to be a desert canyon; I follow slowly because I am wearing an inappropriate pair of old slippers, worn down at the heels, like my father used to wear.

Next I have emerged through the canyon and am walking carefully down a rocky trail. the scene now is very bright, lovely sunshine, blue, calm water ahead of me. It is a lovely summer day. I get to the end of the trail that appears to disappear into the water. The only way to continue seems to be through the water to a point I can see on the other side. It looks like a long way to swim but then I observe that under the water is a rope with submerged buoys that I can use as a guide rope. I get into the water and follow the rope comfortably across. En route, I notice a boat, a long native style boat that appears to be a ferry transporting some well-dressed travelers.

I climb out of the water and realize I have no shoes. I go back to the water’s edge and find a pair of submerged gloves that I try unsuccessfully to pull on my feet. They are flimsy, soaking wet and there is no way. I realize that I can go no higher without shoes.

This dream perplexes me. It suggests that I have lost my belief structure (shoes = understanding) and that in the early part of the dream I am held back by old beliefs. It is clearly about my spiritual journey as Atum is an archetype in my dreams for the spiritual aspect of my life. The scenery is consistent with some of the landscapes of the soul: the desert, the rocky path, the water, and being submerged in water often represents the unconscious. My feelings in the dream are quite peaceful, I recall no great anxiety even at being left behind or not being able to go higher.

It is during a dream partner session with my friend Indrus that the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. It is amazing the power of having someone else consciously hold your dream and speak it back to you. Often a shift occurs and as she related my dream. I realized that this was an affirmation of two experiences. First the reflection on my current beliefs and my willingness to let go of my old need for certainty. (the old slippers) and my recognition that at the moment I am prepared to live in the mystery and trust that I will be guided (not having shoes). The submerged rope is the assurance that guidance comes through the unconscious or the feminine. Secondly my computer “miracle” ( that helped me realize I can’t chase after a new belief system that may not fit me (putting gloves on my feet). I will find one when I am ready and then the journey can continue.

It is lovely to have such a powerful dream just before I commence a series of dream evenings. (


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