My 100th Blog – Thank you Lorne

This is my 100th SoulClarity blog. It has taken over two years to achieve this landmark. When I reached ninety-nine a form of paralysis set in; it seemed a significant milestone that required an extraordinary response, something scintillatingly brilliant perhaps or a stunning insight into the human condition that was worthy of this auspicious event. But no such epiphany materialized. Instead I decided to create a tribute to a remarkable person without whose contribution this adventure would not have begun.

It was my friend Lorne Craig who first urged that I should start a blog; he had more confidence than I did that I had meaningful stories and experiences to share; he overrode my protestations that I did not have the expertise to do this; he waved away my concerns that I did not know a widget from a dashboard and he expressed with confidence that even I could use WordPress if I made the effort. So in September 2008 I made my first entry and still it goes on. Like a monster that could not be contained, I now have three blogs, one for my SoulClarity work, one for when I am on the road and a final one for my rental property. And to my surprise I really enjoy it.

Yet in fact harassing me to start a blog represents a small aspect of the impact that Lorne has had in my life. Our paths have intertwined like a caduceus during the past twenty-five years. We met when I was a big honcho in the advertising business and Lorne was cheeky, irrepressible, precocious, talented art director fresh out of college. He was fun to work with and produced some wonderful creative during the time we worked together. He was so impressed with his own talent that at a tender age he launched himself into his own agency named Big House Communications and despite the grave misgivings of everyone else in the business he achieved success. Our paths crossed again when I had become an independent marketing consultant and I introduced to him to two of my clients (Chevron and Whistler) where he made an amazing contribution. In return, at one time, I worked with him and his partners to clarify their mutual goals and objectives. As my business interests diminished we stayed in touch through an ingenious device known as ‘The Board” a small group of guys who would meet for beer at Biminis every four weeks at around 4.00 pm on Wednesdays. It seemed so much more appropriate to slip out of the office for a meeting of the board.

However, it was in 2004 that he began to play a much more significant role in my life. My own journey had taken many twists and turns and resulted in a new passion in my life, helping people to make decisions from a place of inner wisdom. It culminated in the writing of a book titled “Life’s Little Book for Big Decisions”. After I decided to self-publish I e-mailed him to ask whether he would design a cover. I still recall him walking into Biminis and throwing my e-mail back at me and exclaiming, “What do you call this – a brief?” I found out that he actually wanted to read the book first and then he took his responsibility extremely seriously. We met over sushi where he presented me with a series of designs. Somewhat crestfallen I realized that none of them really resonated however, because he was doing this for a commission of 10% of revenue (which was likely to net him nothing) I did not feel I could ask him to keep working. When I explained that I really could not see how it was practicable for him to get inside my head, he replied, “I can do this, you just have to work with me.” Next time we met was a magical moment, he had crafted a look that more than exceeded all my expectations, I just loved it. He then proceeded to design not just the cover but also the whole book. I was ecstatic with the result and sometimes think that his tasteful, clear, artistic design has as much or more merit than the words it enwraps.

It was a short step to ask him to incorporate the design elements of the book into my website and although my only complaint was for the painful delays, but what can you say when it is being done for free. A few lunches at The Smoking Dog over red wine likely encouraged the process. My friend Geoff who took on the coding described Lorne as “the rate-determining step” some weird term used by very bright people who have PHDs that unfortunately did not speed Lorne up at all. Finally the book was printed, the website finished ( and Lorne even came up with the web address that also became the name of the decision-making model: DecisionClarity.

Then our friendship took an unexpected twist. Over a celebratory lunch at Fuel, I was sharing with Lorne some of the work around the concept of the Soul Journey I had been doing as part of a program I attended called The Art of Spiritual Guidance. Suddenly he announced that he wanted to do some of this work with me. So we embarked on a spiritual guidance relationship that resulted in weekly one-hour sessions at no charge. Lorne took to this like a duck to water shouting a clear intention to the universe  while down at Kits Beach after a session. “I’m on the cosmic road trip, bring it on.”

So of course the universe responded and I am certain at some time Lorne will recall his own unique experiences in his cosmic road trip book. Our journey took another twist when Lorne announced to me that he insisted on paying me for my time. “This has too much value”, he told me and so I had my first client for what I eventually termed Spiritual Coaching and offer under the banner SoulClarity, the web site and business cards of which became another exquisitely designed project by Lorne.

So thank you Lorne, friend, true renaissance man, artist, musician, creative master, proud family man and fellow companion on the Journey of the Soul. Lorne is sole proprietor of Unicycle Creative and on top of all his other accomplishments; he can even ride a unicycle.

Note: Lorne insists I add the following postscript: “So blog on… maybe toss a few more of my lesser qualities in for balance (notoriously late, falls into the hole all the time, etc etc)”

3 Responses to My 100th Blog – Thank you Lorne

  1. Heidi says:

    Lorne is one of the most creative people I have ever met in my life. And considering what I do, that’s saying a LOT! What a lovely tale. ~ heidi

  2. Lorne Craig says:

    Well I certainly feel blessed to have friends like you guys! Seriously, 95% of what I do is reflecting the energy and creativity of others. The other 5% is just showing up.

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