Serendipity and Synchronicity – the Divine Dance

This year I began a new commitment: to live a soul directed life guided by synchronicity and serendipity. I wasn’t

Just what do you call these things?

sure precisely how this daily intention might impact my life but a recent experience was a lovely demonstration of the divine dance between serendipity and synchronicity and the ensuing roller coaster ride. I had six people scheduled or my Intuitive Guidance Workshop; this is a perfect number to work with; it fits my space at home but I sensed that I needed something other than cushions for the floor area. I could move in some chairs but I knew that some people like to sit on the floor and I had seen workshop chairs with back supports that would be ideal but where? So an up and own journey commenced. I had only three days to acquire them and my first thought was a friend who I knew had purchased some for her own use and perhaps would loan me a pair for the day. Alas that prospect was quickly dashed when she advised that they were not in Vancouver but she told me that they were boat seats, available at a marine retailer.

It was the next day that while strolling back from beautiful Granville Island that I glanced to my right and there was the very store she had mentioned. It seemed like positive serendipity and at first seemed the answer until I looked at the prices – $178.00 each. I was immediately deflated, there was no way I was spending that kind of money. Back to the start. My friend had also suggested an outdoor supply place which I googled and sure enough found similar items used for backpacking at much lower prices but when I explored further they were sleeves that required the insertion of a mattress and I quickly concluded that they were unwieldy, expensive and looked uncomfortable. In some ways they resembled a giant Venus flytrap that could snap closed at any moment trapping the unwary victim inside.

The roller coaster was on a downhill drop. I tried googling floor seats but apart from offers for various sporting events and an interesting comment advising a floor seat purchaser to wear VERY high heels when she went to a Lady Gaga concert, I found nothing of any use. I was sure that these things had a name but what it was I had no idea and without a name Google was worse than useless. I began to let go of the idea of finding them at all when I had a brainwave. I had first encountered this form of seat at retreats at the beautiful Hollyhock Resort on Cortes Island; I wondered if they would tell me where to buy them. The reply was quick and a partial success – they told me the name I was looking for was back jacks. Now Google could go to work. Alas my hopes once again were dashed. The only suppliers were out of town. No one in Vancouver seemed to retail back jacks. It seemed time to let the whole idea go and get off the ride.  Cushions or chairs would do, I had done my best.

That night I was attending an equinox ceremony at Callanish, a small organization I support, devoted to improving the emotional and spiritual life of people living with cancer. A few times a year they invite me to a gathering of their community, to share an evening of music, poetry and “council”, it is something I hate to miss so a little later I found myself seated in a circle where to my delight I observed a number of “back jacks”. “Wow this must be a synchronicity I thought, perhaps they would loan me two for the weekend. Alas the roller coaster of my emotions again plummeted when I find out that they are using them “But we know a supplier in Vancouver”, I was told. The roller coaster began a steady positive climb. I had to contact a company called Relaxus.

Later that evening with some positive anticipation, I entered Relaxus into Google and found a chiropractic supply store; with increasing excitement I entered back jacks into their search and …. The roller coaster nose-dived back to earth when there was no positive response. I sat back perplexed; was this the end of my quest? I just could not believe that this magical combination of synchronicity and serendipity was for nothing; surely the great cosmic joker had some compassion! I just was not prepared to give up yet so I began to scroll through their product line, page-by-page, item-by-item and then Eureka! There it was – a Karma chair. What a wonderful name and only $54 each, right on my budget. Enthusiastically I checked the opening hours and everything screamed to a dramatic halt. They were not open on Saturday, they closed at 5.00 pm on Friday and I had a conflict. There was no way my partners would understand me reneging on my golf commitment to buy “karma chairs”.

I realized it was time for bed. I would not worry about resolving this now; perhaps the chairs were for my next workshop, although it seemed an anti-climax to abandon my quest when I was almost at the terminus. As I drifted to sleep I recall thinking I would not be too upset if it rained the next day; I could get my chairs and certainly use the time in preparation for Sunday. I could not help smiling when I woke to the pitter-patter of raindrops on the skylight above my head. A little later I checked the forecast which was dismal; my partners were in favour of calling the game off but no matter how grey it was on the outside, their was some sunshine in my heart; my workshop would take place with new Karma chairs.

Comfortable in My new Karma Chair


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