Let My Vehicle Appear Part 4

The Subaru Outback

It is the last day of August and I still don’t own a vehicle. I did not buy the Sebring that I drove for five weeks. (https://ta44.wordpress.com/2010/04/21/let-my-vehicle-appear-part-3/) It was fun but made no logical sense at all; I needed a car for skiing, carry stuff to my Cortes place and occasional golf, yet despite all those obstacles I would have bought it at the right price but it just wasn’t meant to be. So I survived the summer without a vehicle. I rented twice for trips to Cortes; frequently friends would drive me to golf but three times I took transit, one was a two-change trip of an hour that somehow felt extremely satisfying. Now fall is approaching and I am wondering what to do.

I try and live my life guided by serendipity and synchronicity so I have observed a slight tinge of disappointment that my future car did not appear outside my door with a for sale sign on it. There was one exciting moment; I was leaving for Cortes and had just missed a ferry; this entails a two-hour wait so I decided to take a walk through Horseshoe Bay. I ascended the hill from the ferry terminal, followed a sign to Lighthouse Park, found a trail to the beach where I was rudely accosted by some angry crows. This caused me to take an alternate route back along a residential road. I climbed up a gentle hill and then glanced to my left and there it was: a Subaru Wagon, low mileage 1995, amazing condition, on sale for $1,000. Although much older than my preference, it was exactly what I was looking for and seemed an amazing synchronicity that I would encounter it due to missing the ferry. I had to memorize the number, as I had no writing materials; I anxiously recorded it when I got back to the car but of course I was leaving for a week. Perhaps I should have called earlier but I sensed that if it were supposed to be mine it would wait for me. Alas when I got home I received no reply to my message. False alarm, missed opportunity or wrong number, I shall never know but it was the end of my search for the summer.

Now it is September and likely a good time to buy a car as the new models arrive and the demos go on sale.

Suzuki SX4

However my on-line search has proved disappointing. I am down to two possibilities (unless the universe steps in with another); one is the Subaru Outback; the other is the Suzuki SX4 Hatchback. The Subaru is hard to find used, very expensive and without a miracle, is unlikely to happen. I shifted to my second choice and looked at the web site for Richmond Suzuki, which although challenging to navigate, did give me an option of sending an e-mail inquiry. I left my search feeling a little disheartened and decided to draw a rune. Reverse Strength or Uruz. That did not sound encouraging. I read these words, “Without hears to hear or eyes to see you may fail to take advantage of the moment…. minor failures or disappointments.” Well that sounded right and I resolved to continue to look for signs pointing the way rather than rush into anything, perhaps I am supposed not to own a car! Renting or is pretty good although a little inflexible for my needs. Perhaps a car co-op would be a possibility.

There were no new indicators over the weekend and I resigned myself to renting a vehicle for my upcoming trip to Cortes. Then on Monday I opened the newspaper 24 Hours and saw on the inside cover a full-page advertisement for Richmond Subaru featuring the SX4 but with front wheel drive. It reminded me that I had never heard back to my inquiry. However when I got home there was a reply. They had AWD demos available with a special deal. Was this a sign? I drew another rune and got upright Movement; that seems a lot more positive…. “signifies movement in the sense of improving or bettering any situation.” Time for a test drive!

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