Oracles and Divination Tools

August 31, 2010

Sometimes we can access our own wisdom by using an external tool or oracle.  When we read tarot cards, draw runes, or throw coins for the I Ching, we are creating an energetic imprint through our intention that reflects our intuition, inner wisdom or knowing. It is very important to recognize it is only that which resonates for you that has value. For many people I have worked with it is the evidence of their own experience that convinces then that this is a valuable support in decision-making. The best test is to try it. I will provide opportunities to explore at my upcoming workshop.

There are some cautions to be observed.  This is not about giving your power away to someone else, nor about having your fortune told. Divining tools provide opportunities for our inner wisdom to present itself to us.  They are particularly helpful in resolving the inner confusion that is often associated with challenging decisions. It is important to remember, that no matter what the words may say, the only insights that have real value are the ones that resonate with you; however it is also important not to allow preconceived notions or fears to limit your insights.  There are countless forms of divination tools and oracles and once you open yourself up to their mystery, you may find you are drawn to a particular perspective.  Visit a specialty store and explore what appeals to you.  Here are some of the ones I have worked with and explore in my workshops.

The I Ching (The Book of Changes) – This guidance is based on ancient Chinese wisdom and philosophy.

Tarot Cards – Carl Jung regarded the Tarot cards as representing archetypes embedded in the unconscious of all human beings. There are many themed Tarot decks from the traditional Ryder to William Blake and the Women’s Medicine Deck.

Runes – Based on the Runic alphabet, used by early Norse peoples including the Vikings, the runes have no clear origin as an oracle although the word “rune” derives from the Gothic word “runa,” meaning “mystery.” Their popularity today stems significantly from the work done by Ralph Blum, who dedicated himself to the re-introduction of this “sacred oracle.”

Medicine Cards – These are beautifully illustrated animal cards.  This divination system is based on the ancient teachings of Native America.  The text explains how the cards can be used to receive guidance and healing messages from the animals

The Pendulum – This is a system based on the historic principle of the divining rod.  Pendulums consist of a weight, or bob, which hangs freely from a chain or string.  The pendulum is trained to respond in a certain manner to indicate a positive or negative answer to a question.

Muscle testing – This is a way of using the body’s reaction to verify its own inner guidance.  Based on the concept of internal energy fundamental to traditional Chinese medicine, muscle testing is a noninvasive way of evaluating the body’s imbalances and assessing its needs.

Astrology – Most of us are familiar with horoscopes based on information attained through the placement of the stars in the heavens at the time of your birth.

Power Deck Cards – One of my favourites, developed by Lynn Andrews featuring great wisdom and magnificent art images. I always start my workshops with these cards.

As with any decision-making tool this is about finding your way. Take a trip to Banyen Books where you can find a wide variety of possibilities or take a workshop to explore further. I am offering a workshop on September 26th where you will have a chance to experience some oracles and divination options see for details.


Let My Vehicle Appear Part 4

August 31, 2010

The Subaru Outback

It is the last day of August and I still don’t own a vehicle. I did not buy the Sebring that I drove for five weeks. ( It was fun but made no logical sense at all; I needed a car for skiing, carry stuff to my Cortes place and occasional golf, yet despite all those obstacles I would have bought it at the right price but it just wasn’t meant to be. So I survived the summer without a vehicle. I rented twice for trips to Cortes; frequently friends would drive me to golf but three times I took transit, one was a two-change trip of an hour that somehow felt extremely satisfying. Now fall is approaching and I am wondering what to do.

I try and live my life guided by serendipity and synchronicity so I have observed a slight tinge of disappointment that my future car did not appear outside my door with a for sale sign on it. There was one exciting moment; I was leaving for Cortes and had just missed a ferry; this entails a two-hour wait so I decided to take a walk through Horseshoe Bay. I ascended the hill from the ferry terminal, followed a sign to Lighthouse Park, found a trail to the beach where I was rudely accosted by some angry crows. This caused me to take an alternate route back along a residential road. I climbed up a gentle hill and then glanced to my left and there it was: a Subaru Wagon, low mileage 1995, amazing condition, on sale for $1,000. Although much older than my preference, it was exactly what I was looking for and seemed an amazing synchronicity that I would encounter it due to missing the ferry. I had to memorize the number, as I had no writing materials; I anxiously recorded it when I got back to the car but of course I was leaving for a week. Perhaps I should have called earlier but I sensed that if it were supposed to be mine it would wait for me. Alas when I got home I received no reply to my message. False alarm, missed opportunity or wrong number, I shall never know but it was the end of my search for the summer.

Now it is September and likely a good time to buy a car as the new models arrive and the demos go on sale.

Suzuki SX4

However my on-line search has proved disappointing. I am down to two possibilities (unless the universe steps in with another); one is the Subaru Outback; the other is the Suzuki SX4 Hatchback. The Subaru is hard to find used, very expensive and without a miracle, is unlikely to happen. I shifted to my second choice and looked at the web site for Richmond Suzuki, which although challenging to navigate, did give me an option of sending an e-mail inquiry. I left my search feeling a little disheartened and decided to draw a rune. Reverse Strength or Uruz. That did not sound encouraging. I read these words, “Without hears to hear or eyes to see you may fail to take advantage of the moment…. minor failures or disappointments.” Well that sounded right and I resolved to continue to look for signs pointing the way rather than rush into anything, perhaps I am supposed not to own a car! Renting or is pretty good although a little inflexible for my needs. Perhaps a car co-op would be a possibility.

There were no new indicators over the weekend and I resigned myself to renting a vehicle for my upcoming trip to Cortes. Then on Monday I opened the newspaper 24 Hours and saw on the inside cover a full-page advertisement for Richmond Subaru featuring the SX4 but with front wheel drive. It reminded me that I had never heard back to my inquiry. However when I got home there was a reply. They had AWD demos available with a special deal. Was this a sign? I drew another rune and got upright Movement; that seems a lot more positive…. “signifies movement in the sense of improving or bettering any situation.” Time for a test drive!