Summer Decisions

I think summer decisions should if at all possible be kept simple; like should I go to the lake or the beach, have a BBQ or eat out. I believe summer is a time for recharging the batteries, letting go of everything that is not important and indulging in recreation. It is not a coincidence that it is spelled re-creation, it’s a way we can recharge our batteries through creative activity and relaxation.  However if you seem to be confronted by an important decision that insists on preoccupying your mind here are some suggestions:

Step 1 Ask yourself if this decision can wait, if the answer is yes then commit to reconsidering after Labour Day then let it go. Step 2 If no, ask yourself how much of the urgency is dictated by self imposed deadlines. If that’s the case then let it go and follow step one. Step 3 If you still feel you have to make the decision now, ask yourself what are the consequences of not making the decision. Sometimes the consequences of not making the decision cause the decision to resolve itself. For example I could not decide whether to write a DecisionClarity update for July, by procrastinating I realized I will write a summer update instead and the idea for this particular piece came to mind. If after this you still can’t wait until after Labour Day then go to and download the free workbook.


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