Sometimes the Question Doesn’t Matter!

During my ten years of working with the DecisionClarity model I have observed that having a clear question is not always so important. Once we commit to the inner journey of exploration that the model requires, when we learn to work with setting intention and paying attention then there is an innate wisdom that will bring forward the issue or the outcome that is important. Frequently the critical starting point is the sense of chaos or confusion that is often necessary before we can move ahead. Chaos is a fertile field for individual creativity to emerge.

For example one client thought she was trying to decide whether to change her job. However, during the midst of the process she found herself getting lost in familiar places. During a discussion she asked me what this could mean and whether it was connected to her decision-making process. Once we disregarded any possibility of early onset dementia, I asked her what she thought getting lost could mean in this situation. Her answer was immediate “ Oh I am lost because I am working on the wrong question, the real issue is should I leave my relationship.” From this chaos emerged clarity that it was time to leave.

On another occasion an attendee at a workshop wanted to decide whether to take on a specific project that she had been offered. During the two days of inner exploration she realized that her whole life reminded her of a dog chained to a post in the yard, going round and round in circles, continually tightening the chain around its neck. It became clear that her challenge was to reinvent her life. It was remarkable during the closing meditation that when asked what the answer to her question was, she relied “Oh I have completely forgotten what it was” The answer lay in the journey and the question just wasn’t relevant any more.


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