Are We All Intuitive?

The dictionary defines intuition as the “faculty of knowing without the use of rational process”. I believe all of us have the capacity to be intuitive but many of us have lost touch with it. I sense that in our early years, if brought up in a loving environment, we are naturally creative and intuitive and then at the age of about six something terrible happens to us. (When I do my presentation on DecisionClarity, this is the moment when like a ripple on a pond, I see comprehension spread through the room and the word “school” erupts spontaneously from people’s lips.) Our school system in its haste to teach perhaps fails to embrace the duality of creativity and intuition. Over time we just lose our connection to this amazing gift. Well the good news is that we can reactivate our talent.

The first step of course is to believe we have such a talent and I have realized when woprking with clients that I need to find a language that communicates this concept. As Executive Vice President of a large advertising agency and an atheist at the time, I had no empathy for such things as intuitive senses, divine guidance or the higher self however at an amazing workshop that I attended in 1986 I was introduced the concept of the sub-conscious brain. The right hemisphere of the brain has the capacity to multi-task and process data unconsciously. The challenge remains if we have no way of data retrieval we never get to experience the benefits. However if we can learn ways to access this information it will result in the “faculty of knowing without the use of rational process”. We are all hard wired for intuition we have just lost touch with it.

My practical use of this faculty, once I believed that it existed, was to apply it to my work environment. I still recall the first time I decided to attempt writing a report using my sub-conscious. The initial preparation did not change as I still needed to obtain and prepare the preliminary information however at that point having absorbed all the relevant material I just put it away and waited. It was one week later during a lunchtime jog on a beautiful Vancouver Fall day that something amazing happened. I was passing the Bayshore Hotel, one moment I had no idea what this report would look like and then a moment later it was completely formed in my conscious mind. All I had to do was return to the office and write it down. Since that time I have used this method many times while writing papers at school, reports at work and my book Life’s Little Book for Big Decisions came to me while riding my bike. The DecisionClarity model provides a tool kit of ways used successfully to tap into one’s intuition. For more see

Footnote: Recently after one of my presentations I was given a wonderful example of a child’s intuition working where adult logic failed dismally. During a family shopping trip at a large mall, the adults realized they had no idea where to find the car. Ignoring the protestations of the four-year old they wandered from dead-end to dead-end. Finally his small voice broke through their frustration. “Mummy I know where the car is”. Somewhat disbelievingly they followed him to the precise location.


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