Developing Inner Clarity

“I have this sense I am to completely change my life and spend twelve years studying psychology.”  The caller began to explain how conflicted she felt; she was a successful individual and team coach; she had spent seven years living a completely balanced life between work, family, personal space and home; suddenly she sensed this call to give it all up to study psychology. On the surface it seemed a crazy idea. At 43 years old she lived a balanced existence with a thriving coaching practice, a full family life, sufficient time for personal space and now she was considering a change that in many ways would shake the foundation of her existence.  We agreed to work together using the DecisionClarity model to access her deeper wisdom, for a resolution to this confusion. It involved a week of conscious decision focus and four simple steps: setting the question, going within for guidance, letting go and finally checking in for the answer.

So one week later we are back on the phone to conclude the process. I guided her into a calm, contemplative state and suggested she bring the question to mind. There was a pause before she began to reflect her feelings. “I am surprised to feel such a calmness” she told me, “I feel at peace, the drama of the decision is behind me. I know this is my soul’s desire. It is about trust, taking the first step and starting down this path.” She expressed her wonder that she could move from the drama of only a few days ago into a space of such clarity. (I helped her associate her decision with this clarity as it is one of the gifts of conscious decision-making.)

During the process she had asked for a dream. This in itself would be unusual as she rarely if ever recalls her dreams but her unconscious responded with a fascinating performance. ‘I am riding this large unwieldy motorbike. I am trying to park it in an underground parking lot but it feels quite unmanageable I realize someone is there helping me find a good space.” She sensed the bike represented this huge undertaking and that she would be supported through it. Then quite unexpectedly an e-mail arrived. It seemed uncanny how it related to her current situation. “Your next heroic task may be to have a baby or change jobs or stand up for yourself. The key is to follow the call – the impulse to do something extraordinarily inconvenient and demanding. You’ll regret accepting the call a thousand times. Only when it’s over will you truly realize how grand your adventure felt, and what an awesome story you have to tell.” Finally she decided to check an external oracle to see what was revealed. She pulled the rune stone Dagaz or Breakthrough. “Drawing Dagaz can signal a major shift or breakthrough in the process of self-change, a complete transformation in attitude – a 180-degree turn.” What an amazing affirmation.


One Response to Developing Inner Clarity

  1. Melissa says:

    Wow! I can relate to the power of completing the decision process and how calm you can feel about it all once it’s done, despite how difficult it may seem at first.

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