Let My Vehicle Appear part 3

The Sebring

I still don’t own a car however I am driving a lovely Sebring convertible loaned by a friend for seven weeks as a result of a remarkable series of synchronicities. (see http://wp.me/phAyS-69 ) This was part of a new strategy that the car should come to me rather than me finding the car. For sheer joy of driving it is a delight yet as far as the more practical aspects of owning a vehicle, for example moving stuff up to my place on Cortes and going skiing, it is less than desirable. In addition my friend returns in less than three weeks and is unlikely to sell me the Sebring for at least another couple of months even if I wanted to buy it. So the possibility of being without a car at a time when it would most inconvenient is looming into my consciousness like an unwelcome gatecrasher at a party. I wonder if the Sebring had arrived in my life not as a prospective permanent realtionship but rather to provide me with the transportation to buy a car more suited to my lifestyle. However each time I consider pursuing an alternative I get guidance that I am to wait for a sign. But of course the longer the sign takes the more anxiety I begin to feel. My friend comes back on May 8th. Last Wednesday at my meditation group I drew a card that clearly supported waiting for a sign. As of today, no sign has appeared. Every time I go out, I scan prospective possibilities, hoping beyond hope that I will encounter a Suburu Outback with a “For sale” on it. I am starting to wonder if the degree of surrender required to manifest my next car is beyond my personality’s patience. With only seventeen days left, I draw a rune asking the question, “Should I seek out my next car?” I stare dismally at what appears to be an upside down arrow. Warrior reversed – “The danger is that through hasty or ill-timed action, life force leaks out or is spilled away.”  Then “Are you lusting after outcomes or are you focused on the task for its own sake.” I can’t help but smile as I recall my own advice to my clients. “Remember the soul craves experience not outcomes. It is always about the journey not the destination.” Oh well, seventeen days is a long time.


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