Body Wisdom

April 8, 2010

Recently I worked with a client who was struggling with her continued participation in a new venture. It was not an easy process due to a sense of commitment and a passion for the idea, yet something was not sitting right. It was a perfect example of the battleground of thoughts, feelings and fears that create confusion and lead to the two dissenting voices that make decision-making so challenging. The two voices perform like debaters on opposing teams; one gets the upper hand but invariably after a night’s sleep the opposition strikes back causing doubt and second-guessing to emerge again. This particular DecisionClarity process contained a seminal moment that in the end made all the difference. Awakening unusually in the middle of the night my client experienced the painful sensations of what felt like a bladder infection. After a trip to the washroom she returned to bed reflecting on the symptoms that had not dissipated at all. “then I remembered the part on your CD where you talked about body symptoms sometimes speaking to the question. I thought, “What does this feeling mean?” After about 30 seconds, the phrase, “I have to go”, came up.”  Even more remarkable her discomfort eased and five minutes later had completely disappeared. When we seek guidance from our own deeper wisdom, the body can occasionally bring its own unique clarity to the decision.