Let My Vehicle Appear (part 2)

A Sebring 2002 Convertible - Is this my next car?

I woke up on Monday following the completion of the Olympics with the realization that my vehicle had not yet appeared and now the Olympics was over, perhaps it was time to resort to more traditional methods of buying a car. The idea of the car coming to me rather than me going to the car seemed to have been less than successful. I had decided that what I wanted was a used Suburu Outback. So what if they were hard to find and over-priced, I felt I wanted one and perhaps it was time to do something tangible to acquire it. How long could I continue to affirm, “Let my vehicle appear” and have nothing concrete manifest? That was all well and good while I was in Mexico and even right through the Olympics but now my confidence was beginning to wane. Perhaps I was in a delusionary state about this; my friend Lorne had already tried to show me how easy it could be to locate one through Craig’s List but at the time I was in no mood to listen, preferring to try my own strange and different method of finding my car.

Feeling a little sad about having to give up what I was hoping would be an amazing example of synchronicity and manifestation, I went to check my e-mail and to my astonishment there was a comment on the blog I had written back on February where I had described the process of trying to buy a car through meaningful coincidence. At that time I had been given a tentative offer of a Sebring Convertible but at the time it seemed too nebulous, uncertain and not really what I was looking for. The comment read “Buy the Sebring ! Buy the Sebring ! I have one and I love it ! I too, went from a 20 year old VW Van, I love my baby and still have it, to a used 2002 Sebring Convertible. Feel the love even more!” I sat back feeling a little bemused “Was this the sign I had been waiting for?” It seemed like an astonishing coincidence to get this e-mail on this particular day. I decided to send the e-mail to my friend who owned the Sebring. The response I got back practically knocked me out of my chair. “I may have a “manifestation compromise” option for you to consider.  I leave for South Africa on March 22 and won’t return until May 11.  My car will sit in the garage for that whole time so you are more than welcome to “try it out” and use while I am away.” What an amazing and generous offer, I had absolutely nothing to lose. Who knows if I will buy the Sebring or not but this evidence of the universe responding to my intention could not be ignored. I decided to accept

While out on my bike later that day, I found my usual route blocked by road works so I detoured to an alternative street. Then the thought crossed my mind that I should continue with my affirmation “Let my vehicle appear”. For some reason, in that same moment, I glanced to my right and there right beside me was – yes you guessed it – a Sebring Convertible. The universe is a wondrous place to play.


3 Responses to Let My Vehicle Appear (part 2)

  1. Wow. Love this one, Trevor. May we repost??

  2. ta44 says:

    I still don’t own a car however I am driving the lovely Sebring convertible loaned by my friend. This strategy that the car should come to me rather than me finding the car is made more complex because I am not sure this is the car I should buy or whether it is to provide me the transportation to buy a car more suited to my lifestyle. For sheer joy of driving it is a delight yet the more practical aspects of owning a vehicle, for example moving stuff up to my place on Cortes and going skiing, it is less than desirable. However each time I consider pursuing an alternative I get guidance that I am to wait for a sign. But of course the longer the sign takes the more anxiety I begin to feel. My friend comes back on May 8th. Stay tuned.

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