True Patriot Love

True Patriot Love

It starts in the center of the chest; it feels like a warm, uncontrollable glow; it rapidly moves to the eyes, followed by the exquisite sensation of tears conjoined with joy. It is not something you create; it seems to have a life of its own and of course is feared by men the world over. Yet NBC reported that 25% of males admitted to shedding tears during the recent Olympics. Most of us shared the drama, courage, hopes, disappointments, heartbreak and ecstasy of vibrant young people competing at the Olympic Games and many of us will have felt this spontaneous eruption of emotion. Hearing our anthem, observing the athlete’s exultation and watching the Maple Leaf ascend was almost guaranteed to trigger my response. So what does this have to do with Decision-making?

The DecisionClarity model is an approach to encourage you to access your inner knowing. One of the tools it suggests is exploring your passions. When we connect to the heart we are open to an aspect of our essential nature that is connected to soul or psyche and is the home of our deepest wisdom. When we open ourselves to its power through tears of joy we create an altered state and when combined with a conscious intention set through the process, it can help to open our eyes in a new and different way. Insight that occurs in such a moment is particularly relevant to our question.

A friend reviewed this piece for me and passed on a lovely quote from Christina Baldwin, author of Storycatcher amongst others, she said “…and where there are tears, there is truth…and that is where you must pay attention to your story’s message.”


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