Trusting Your Gut

How often do we blindly make a decision without checking in with our intuition? One morning during a trip to lovely Sayulita in Mexico,  I crossed paths with some friends who told me that a number of their group had woken with upset tummies that they were blaming on the beachside restaurant they had frequented the previous night. “Four of us had a negative intuition about the place” one of them shared. I looked at her somewhat taken aback, “ so how come you went there?” I enquired. “Oh we didn’t discuss it until this morning” she said. “A little late!” I retorted then mused why it was we did not treat intuition like our other senses. We placed much more reliance on what we could see, touch, hear or taste while second guessing our intuition or feeling too embarrassed to mention it. My sense is that we have lost connection with something that is as natural to us as seeing or hearing. I suspect it has to do with what happens at the age of six years old. We go to school, an environment where intuition and creativity are not respected. Like planting a rose in the desert and not watering causes it to die, over the years our intuitive sense wastes away. Train Your Intuition provides tools to support you in activating the dormant senses that relate to your intuition. We need to develop confidence that intuition is as valid as any other sense and this takes practice and finding an environment that is supportive. Normally it requires us to find ways to engage the right side of our brains and learning to pay attention. In addition it helps to develop ways to validate our intuition. Then perhaps we can have the conversation before we get sick rather than afterwards.


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