Finding the Light


I almost made a decision that in hindsight would have caused me to miss out on a blissful experience. While in Mexico I was trying to decide about taking a trip to a small town called Chacala. The original idea of going there had arisen because I knew there was a Sufi camp taking place where I would know a few people and it seemed like fun to surprise them. Yet somehow the more I became settled in, the less the idea of uprooting myself appealed. It required me to check out, spend a couple of hours exploring Mexican buses and taxis and finally negotiating a new place to stay in my appalling Spanish. It took an e-mail from a friend of mine, a hopeless romantic, telling me that I must go as she was convinced I would meet my soul mate that almost shifted me from my inertia but on its own it was not enough.

I decided to make it easy on myself by booking a room in the expensive Mar de Jade where the group was staying. Then to my surprise although the reservation system was set to accept my booking, I was told the hotel was full. I slumped back into inertia. This must be a sign not to go. The only accommodation was in the town a fifteen-minute walk away, which at night was problematic. It would require a flashlight and this I did not have with me. Then something amazing happened. For some reason I pulled out the draw in the bedside table and peered inside and found a headlamp left behind by a previous gift. The decision was made I had to go. From that moment on everything went seamlessly well. It was as though I had imbibed the Felix Felicitus, the lucky potion, described as a “pool of living gold,” in Joanne Rowley’s sixth novel about Harry Potter. Travel was easy, accommodation simple to find and after a delightful dinner and being invited Sufi dancing with new and old friends, it culminated in a glorious beach walk under a myriad stars, lit of course by my new found lamp. (No I did not meet my soul mate and I returned the lamp back for the fellow traveler to experience its magic.)


One Response to Finding the Light

  1. Hi Trevor,

    You met your soul-mate…it’s YOU!

    What a lovely time and way to spend with your-self sharing in a beautiful and heartfelt way.

    Love hearing about your adventures and the thoughts which preceed it all!

    Mucho amore,


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