More on Synchronicity

I have met a kindred spirit; his name is Jan Cederquist; he is Swedish and recently had a book published in English titled ‘Meaningful Coincidences – Remarkable true stories of synchronicity and the search for answers.’ Besides a passion for synchronicity we both had our careers in advertising. I think he became aware of the significance of synchronicity much earlier in his life than I did. Unfortunately we will never connect in person because he died before the English publication of his book. Regardless I am glad to have made his acquaintance.
He came into my life as a result of a synchronicity. I wrote a blog on this subject ( and in one of those weird interactions that enliven a blogger’s life, I received a comment from someone named Fiona in London whom I had never met asking me if I had encountered the above book. Then following an e-mail exchange, she asked if I would like her to send me a copy. It arrived just before I left on this trip and I finished it on the beach in Mexico. It is a sweet book full of events and incidents affirming just how amazing this universe can be. Jan would constantly manifest in most unlikely ways, exactly the right person for any given situation that was occurring in his life. He tells a remarkable story about a contact lens that was lost in the ocean off the coast of Croatia and found clinging to a swim suit 6 km from where it was lost by a woman who then connected with the original wearer.
It raised for me three interesting considerations. Firstly do we experience synchronicity if we don’t believe in them, secondly would we even notice them if they did occur and thirdly would we ascribe any significance or meaning to them. My experience suggests that we can actively solicit synchronicities. It requires a combination of: setting of intention, focusing on the inner landscape and then paying attention while waiting for the magic to occur. Jan observes “many who have studied the question seem to lean towards the opinion that synchronistic events become more frequent when people practice meditation, yoga, relaxation, qigong, or any other form of training that enhances the focus of consciousness.”
Reading this book encouraged me to make a commitment to synchronicity in 2010. Although I believe that there are many ways we can create inner guidance, I am setting the intention of bringing more synchronicity into my life. I set this intention at the conclusion of my meditation period. There was an almost immediate response. I have been planning an overnight trip up the coast to Chacala where some friends are attending a Sufi camp. When I found out the hotel was full, I felt somewhat disillusioned as it meant staying in the small town and would involve a long walk in the dark on an unlit beach. “If I bought a flashlight that would make a difference,” I thought. But before I could but the thought into action, I opened the draw of the bedside table in the small hotel where I was staying and there was – yes you guessed it – a headlamp kindly left by a previous guest. A coincidence or a synchronicity? It certainly helped to motivate me on my small adventure.


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  1. Fiona Melville says:

    I am so happy you enjoyed the book. Happy new year!

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