Labour Day Reflections

September 7, 2009

Well the muse completely abandoned me for the summer. The most perfect summer ever in Vancouver resulted in the call of the outdoors overwhelming any instinct to write. So here it is on Labour Day and a renewed commitment to at least pen a few words as a seed of encouragement. Of course at times I have felt it necessary to justify my inactivity to myself. We are not used to summers that start at the beginning of May and finish at the end of August. In the North-West we feel we have to take advantage of every beautiful sunny day. But when the sunny days keep going and going and going….. Some friends of mine moved to California and after a couple of months they realized that they had to change this perspective because from May to October it is sunny every day in the Golden State. Looking out of the window at the torrential rain I am glad that I made the decision I did. A wise minister at the Unity Church I once attended observed that summer is for re-creation so we can be ready to create at the end of the season. Hopefully that is true for me.