Synchronicity – A Meaningful Coincidence

May 6, 2009

Have you ever reflected on a coincidence and thought how unlikely it was that two events could occur by chance? For example, the occasion on which I broke my ankle hiking, was the only time I ever had carried a cane. I had already left home before remembering to retrieve it. The cane allowed me to hobble forty minutes down a mountain trail to find help. Carl Jung coined the word synchronicity to describe what he called “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events.” or “meaningful coincidences”. During my work with decision-making I have observed that synchronicities will often appear and guide a decision. I was using the DecisionClarity model to decide whether to sell a property I owned. Midway through the process, I was contacted by someone enquiring whether I was interested in selling. He had no idea I was considering the sale of the property! It was a helpful synchronicity. My experience with the DecisionClarity model suggests that we can actively solicit synchronicities by using a conscious decision-making process where we focus on activating our inner wisdom. It requires a combination of: setting of intention, focusing on the inner landscape and then waiting for the magic to occur.
Another remarkable synchronicity concerned a story I had to write about a patient’s healing journey for Inspire Health’s newsletter. On one occasion I recall the editor approaching me with a deadline when I had no story prepared for submission; in fact I did not even have a candidate in mind. I called Inspire and asked for an appropriate patient to contact. To my horror I was presented with not one suggestion but six. No recommendation; just six names and telephone numbers. I felt somewhat overwhelmed as it would require intensive research to select a candidate. Sighing despondently, I tucked the list in my pant’s pocket before heading out to the Vancouver library where I was going to a book reading by the remarkable Debbie Ford.
After the reading was over I decided to purchase a copy of the book (Secret of the Shadow) and somewhat surprisingly decided to stand in a long line of Debbie’s admirers to get it signed. (I had never done this before or since.) As the line inched ahead, the young woman in front of me turned around and said “Do I know you?” I responded by telling her my name to which she replied “Hi, I’m Signy Wilson”. I almost leaped out of my shoes. I pulled the list out of my pocket and pointed to the second name. “Signy Wilson”. I had found the candidate for my next story without even picking up the phone.