Will Spiritual Coaching Work For You?

While creating my own sense as to just what spiritual coaching is and to whom it may appeal, I developed a series of statements that may help identify those who may benefit. Here are some examples:

“You feel lost in a fog not sure where your life is going and you feel as though you are missing something important.”

“You feel curious about the direction of your life. You sense there is something more that you could explore but don’t know how to proceed”

‘The idea that life is an unfolding journey appeals to you. You are open to the possibility that it is not solely about outcomes. The traditional appeals of love, money, and power are diminishing in importance.”

“You suspect that at your core is a deeper wisdom that can guide you but you may have trouble connecting with it..”

Find out if you qualify for a complimentary spiritual coaching session. If you answer yes to at least five of these questions then e-mail me at trevor@soulclarity.com or call 604 739 6977.

1) Are you willing to make a commitment to spiritual coaching for at least five sessions?
2) Do you believe that there is a connection between what happens on the inner landscape and what occurs in your life?
3) Are you willing to try and detach from the day-to-day drama of your life in order to understand the meaning of your experience?
4) Can you accept the concept that you can access a deeper sense of knowing to guide your life?
5) Do you ever feel that adversity in your life contributes to your learning?
6) Have you ever observed consistent patterns that repeat themselves in your life and wondered if there was a reason for them?
7) Do you feel curious about your life and have a sense there is something to explore?


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