Reflections From A beach In Sayulita Mexico – Meditation

February 9, 2009

Does meditation actually make any difference at all? It is something that most minds rebel against to some degree. Resistance is a powerful disincentive and we can always find a reason to put it off, abbreviate it or dismiss it entirely from consideration. The mind has a masterly way of discounting it for so many reasons; it’s boring, it’s just too new age, it’s not for me… the list goes on. Yet the evidence continues to build that meditation actually does you some good. Jon Kabat Zyn pioneered the Stress Reduction Clinic in Massachusetts where mindfulness meditation is successfully used as a medical tool to treat stress. In addition there have been a couple of studies that suggest that mindfulness meditation increases the capacity of the immune system to fight infection. Finally there may be a strong correlation between starting meditation and activating your own intuitive faculties. Ken Wilbur suggests that meditation can be a key to access spiritual or higher states of consciousness. In my own life I think meditation was a catalyst for change. For much of my life I was a self-proclaimed atheist, focused most of my energy into my work and became a successful adverting executive. Then my mid life crisis intervened and I left my work, my wife and went around the world for a year. Upon my return to normality I decided to learn to meditate. There was only one reason. Before I embarked on a return to a more hectic pace of life working as an advertising consultant, I wanted a tool to try and reduce stress, which had always played an inherent role in my life. It was not that I had undue concern about stress it was that I wanted to maintain some of the equilibrium I had acquired during my fifteen months or so away from the routine of full time work. However in hindsight, my commitment to regular meditation seemed to spark changes that have forever altered my life. If you saw 2001 A Space Odyssey you may recall the giant beacon, that once uncovered on the moon, sent out a signal that forever changed man’s relationship to his solar system. Well I think meditation acted like a beacon for me and sent out the signal that I was ready for change. Life has never been the same. I found myself opening to things that I never could have thought possible – dreams, signs, synchronicities, intuitive insight, psychic connection and more. Concepts that are generally not accepted in the paradigm in which most people live today. It goes part way to explain how an Executive Vice President of Advertising can end up a Spiritual Coach. So take the plunge you may find yourself on the journey of your life.