Explaining Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching is where life coaching and spiritual guidance merge. It is a gentle process of exploration focused on you telling your story.

It is particularly beneficial for those who suspect life is more than a series of events that we totally control or alternatively are victims of.  We review life as a journey that reflects both the inner landscape and its materialization in the outer world.

Spiritual coaching may start with an assessment of your outer state and why you are encountering a particular series of events. Alternatively it may begin with what is happening at a deeper level and how this is effecting your life.

What can you get from Spiritual Coaching?

Every journey is unique and different and will unfold according to each person’s needs and desires. Some of the benefits will include:

1) Creating a more balanced life by understanding your deeper priorities.

2) Developing goals and aspirations that are consistent with your own deeper desires.

3) Learning to identify and work with your own resistance to your highest good. (see https://ta44.wordpress.com/2008/09/11/resistance/)

4) Find renewed enthusiasm, creativity and curiosity in exploring your amazing journey.

4) Generating a new clarity about what kind of life you desire and find where your passion lies.
You begin to detach from the drama or story of your life and look deeper at the underlying journey that is attempting to unfold. Once you have some clarity from an inner perspective then you can work towards achieving objectives and goals that are consistent with your deeper needs.

Spiritual Coaching involves a variety of tools for your personal exploration including silence, the body scan, dreams, active imagination, the peek/peak experience, resistance, oracle and divination tools and creative imagination.


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