Spiritual Coaching


Some times I see my life unfolding like a jigsaw puzzle. It starts off with the pieces all higgledy-piggledy so I have no idea what kind of picture is trying to be formed. Then pieces of the puzzle start to be revealed. None of them may make any sense on their own. Often there are pieces missing and I have to be patient waiting for them to appear. Sometimes there seems to be pictures from another puzzle altogether and I can see no connection between them. But if I persevere, remain curious and trust that I will eventually make sense out of what often appears as chaotic, confused and disconnected, then one day something magical happens. There is a moment where without any effort on my part the whole glorious picture, like the panorama of the Grand Canyon as you reach the rim, opens to my view. Spiritual Coaching helps you to find your unique picture. It embraces both life coaching and spiritual guidance. It is particularly helpful for those who are starting to discern that life is more than a series of events that we totally control or alternatively of which we are victims. Life is a journey that reflects both our inner landscape and its materialization in the outer world. Once we accept that what happens in our life has meaning then any objective or goal has to be assessed from both an inner and outer perspective. Spiritual coaching is for those who want to investigate the synthesis of the inner and outer landscapes. It starts with an assessment of both and then explores how our experience looks when we detach from it and attempts to assess why we are encountering this particular series of events at a deeper level. We begin to detach from the drama or story of our lives and look deeper at the underlying journey that is attempting to unfold. Once we have some clarity from an inner perspective then we can work towards achieving objectives and goals that are consistent with our deeper needs.


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