Body Sense and Decision-making Part 1

One of the great delights of working with the decision-clarity process is that it is a dynamic model that expands exponentially through connecting with the varied individual experiences of inner wisdom. The body is an amazing tool for discernment. Friedrich Nietzsche, the German philosopher once said “There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.” Much has been written about the body providing information. Louise Hay’s books suggest that any physical symptom that our body creates will have a metaphysical interpretation. Muscle testing is another powerful way of using your body to assess what is right for you. This is a way of using the body’s reaction to verify its own inner guidance. Based on the concept of internal energy fundamental to traditional Chinese medicine, muscle testing is a non-invasive way of evaluating the body’s imbalances and assessing its needs.
It can also be directed to decision-making. During one of my seminars, a woman, who had constructed her own simple decision-making process, approached me. She would attempt to identify two alternatives that she clearly understood and then she would make her decision in the following manner. She would dedicate two days to resolve the impasse. For example suppose her decision was on whether to quit work. On the first day she would live that day based on the supposition that she was going to quit work. During the day she would note her bodies’ feelings and reactions. The following day she would live the day presuming that she was going to stay at work and again pay attention to her bodies’ response.  At the end of these two days she told me that she always had clarity on what to do. “My body always knows” she explained.
Recently a client with whom I was working was facing an agonizing decision on whether to leave her relationship. Needless to say there were lots of conflicting thoughts and feelings as her partner was entreating her not to leave. When she reached her decision to go and put it into action she noticed an amazing affirmation from her body. A sense of positive energy and release flowed through her system. She knew without any doubt that she was making the correct decision. Like a celebratory song chorusing from her soul, her body sense showed her the way. I encouraged her to conduct a ritual of completion where she celebrated the body’s response and associate the decision with it. In this way she could always re-create the energetic assurance that she was feeling and dispel any future uncertainty that may arise.


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