The Magical World of Dreams

I have long believed in dreams as a powerful way that our inner landscape emerges into our conscious minds. Of course knowing when a dream is important becomes is a key element in discernment. We all dream and dream frequently. In fact most of us will enter REM state six or so times a night. It is during REM sleep that we dream. (that’s when our eye lids seem to be moving rapidly) Frequently we have no memory of dreams however sometimes dreams emerge with astonishing clarity. I don’t believe that all dreams carry equal weight. Some seem like junk mail – the unloading of a busy fragmented mind. Others are the familiar anxiety dreams – we forget an important appointment. Occasionally we can have pre-cognitive dreams. These are rare and recognizable by the accuracy of their detail. The dreams I think are the most important are the symbolic dreams where meaning is disguised. The reason for this is not clear. One suggestion is that it is the language of the right hemisphere of the brain, another that it helps to avoid any censorship by the conscious self. During my work on dreams I have noticed a magnificent eloquence expressed by the symbols of the dream. The language of our dreams will be unique to each one of us which is why only the dreamer can truly interpret the dream. Some symbols to seem to be collective. For example water representing emotions or the unconscious. Many are individual and are uniquely created by your consciousness. The more I work with dreams the more amazed I become at the depth and intricacy of our unconscious minds to reveal the inner depths of our soul’s wisdom. The characters in a dream often resemble aspects of who we are. For example, I have a male friend who is the epitome of the dynamic masculine. He is an incredible craftsman, sets goals and always brings them into perfect form. In my dreams he always represents that part of me that can get things done. He is frequently accompanied by a feminine archetype that represents the more passive form of allowing things to unfold at their own pace. It is important to realize that our conscious mind will try and dismiss the significance of the dream. In fact your immediate response after you awake is likely the most unreliable one because the ego self is now attempting to take control. I have observed dreams as incredible resources in decision-making, healing and achieving great clarity. A dream theme that repeats itself is just begging to be explored. As my teacher Atum O’Kane once observed, “Having a dream and not working with it is like being given a gift and not unwrapping it.


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