The Ego – Kill it or Save it.

September 22, 2008

Much has been written lately about the ego. “Ego-self is seen as bad and we should disconnect from it. Ego is responsible for most of life’s problems. The desire to live from soul and not in ego is the key.” Although I agree with all of the above statements I think we should pause before we try and kill it. My dear friend and teacher Atum O’Kane expressed the perspective that the ego in its rightful place can be the servant of the soul. A healthy ego can address the challenges of your life in a meaningful way. I believe that as embodied beings we are here to fully experience life in a body not try and continuously disconnect from it.
So how do we commission the ego to be the servant of the soul? First we need to establish some way of assessing what the soul is trying to bring forward rather than a goal of the ego.  This is never easy because th ego has a way of insinuating its agenda into our life.  Sue Humphreys once wrote “ We must differentiate between divine ideas and human thoughts.”   Whenever I have an idea that I perceive has merit I will seek guidance from my deeper self by engaging what I call the SoulClarity process. I set the intention “Show me the way” and then by paying attention to my life I notice what emerges. I  facilitate my intuitive senses through meditation, music, exercise and writing amongst other tools. I may consult oracles such as the runes or I Ching to confirm my sense of direction. Sometimes soul insight arrives in unlikely moments. My idea for my book Life’s Little Book for Big Decisions came when I was riding my bike. Unlikely as it seems suddenly I could visualize it. Spirit will always affirm divine ideas in one way or another. If a door closes I will always look for another one to open. There is often a sense of flow that develops and ego begins to seamlessly operate to bring the idea into form. Doubt and fear dissipate as the soul finds its expression through the ego. The soul needs the ego to do the work. Trust the soul for ideas and the ego for bringing them into form.