Story versus Journey

September 18, 2008

Abraham Maslow suggested that once we have achieved certain basic needs in our lives then we can create the opportunity to explore self actualization. I like to think of the soul as the driver towards individuation. I see myself as living my life on two levels. There is the drama or the story of my life that unfolds at an experiential level then there is the journey of my soul that goes deeper. This caused me to start looking at my life in a whole new way. For example if I am friends with someone and they offend me, I  may think they are a jerk and the relationship finishes. At this juncture if we review only the drama of the event we may go into blame, dismiss it as being their problem and move on. Alternatively we can feel really hurt, go into victim and project this hurt on them and others and get stuck in our misery.
However when we start to view life as a soul journey then we do our best to disconnect from the drama and observe it from a place of the witness. We start to take responsibility and see it as source of possible growth or healing. The story of our life becomes a series of pointers or indicators to our soul’s journey. We start to see patterns of behaviour that are repeated over and over again. It can lead us to explore healing and change on different levels. We take responsibility for the unfolding our lives and hopefully begin to feel like a co-creator of the drama. And of course we start to become conscious of resistance. For example we plan to go to a workshop but never get around to making the call. A client of mine knows he needs to make some time for personal creative expression yet somehow he never gets around to making it a priority. Someone else intends to start a meditation practice but it never quite happens. Once we start to paying more attention to our lives it is like walking through a beautiful garden and starting to really see the flowers. We observe intricate patterns, similar to the wonderful cause and effect between the sun, the rain, the insects and the blooms. We start to see the same magical inter-relationship between the events of our lives. For a moment it all makes sense and then we lose it again. Resistance may have temporarily triumphed but new growth is on the horizon.