Different Stations on the Soul Journey

Sometimes I like to use the analogy of being on a rail trip. We start off at our originating station and then we are faced with all kinds of options and choices. Perhaps we want to take off on a branch line or choose to hang out on a detour for a while. Other times we are on the main intercity line making great progress then we get shunted into a siding where we seem sidelined forever. My challenge is the waiting room. It’s a place where on the surface nothing seems to be happening. I am hoping for some momentous event to shift our direction in life but the train never arrives. Perhaps a new focus for my life even the soul purpose that will fulfill my deepest need. However the waiting sometimes seems endless. I have realized that my waiting room has two floors. On the lower level are the idle distractions. I have had to learn that there is a great difference between “being” and “not doing”. The danger of not doing is that it can lead into apathy. Apathy is a soul less place. It is a place where I can get loss in distractions and make no progress. It is filled with mindless TV watching, channel flicking and video games. Perhaps it is reading a stream of trashy novels, drinking the extra glass of wine or beer or getting trapped in tabloid news for the sake of diversion. The upstairs is a very different environment. It is the room of meditation, of constructive reading, of journaling and planned reflection while listening to my favourite classical music. My greatest challenge is that my resistance can stop me recognizing which room I am in. This can lead to occasionally dire consequences.

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