“Our Resistance is Invisible Until We Learn How to Spot It.”

September 11, 2008

There seems to be an interesting parallel between the word resistance when applied to electricity as opposed to human nature. Electrical resistance is invisible. It is the degree to which an object opposes an electric current passed through it.

Human resistance is also invisible until we learn how to spot it. If we think of the object as human nature and electric current as our highest good then resistance is the degree to which our human nature opposes our highest good.

Although you can’t see electrical resistance you can derive its value from observing current and voltage. Frequently we don’t see our own resistance to change but we can derive that it is there from certain patterns of behaviour.

When working with clients on decision-making I have observed that occasionally they will not follow through on commitments that they have made. For example one recent client was working through the DecisionClarity process and reached the stage of Going within for Guidance.

She made the following commitments for the ensuing five day period:  Two conscious walks, to go to the gym once while trying to stay out of her head, to get immersed in a piece of music for 20 minutes without thinking about it, to journal everyday, to pay attention to clues and synchronicities, to have one bodywork session and ask for a dream before going to sleep.

She postponed the next session because her dog was sick then I found out to my amazement that she had fulfilled none of her commitments – not one. There was no reason; it had just all slipped her mind. It was interesting exploring with her and realizing that she had been totally unconscious of her resistance. In fact as we went deeper it became clear that she had encountered two very significant synchronicities that she had failed to recognize as well as a dream that gave her a very clear specific insight into sabotaging her own behaviour.

So watch for signs of resistance to your own growth. Like a strong rip tide it is an implacable, unconscious force that impedes our forward momentum. It can show up in procrastination, forgetfulness, rationalizing, missing or changing appointments, confusion, distraction and indecision.

Overcoming it starts with awareness so pay attention to the flow of your life. Interrupted flow often suggests resistance is just under the surface. Only when understand it is there do we have an opportunity to do something about it.